Novel Ways to Use Android Phone

Novel Ways to Use Android Phone

You may look at your Android phone and think, ‘Can this thing do something great for me?’ For a long time, Android phones have been serving us great because we can use Facebook whenever we like or much advantageous, you can scroll through your home page in Facebook until your father reaches the room to find you reading (you can click on the power button and close your phone when your father is at the door). We can just watch videos, listen to music or check our emails using Android powered phones. Do they help us in anything more interesting than these? Read ahead to find out the novel ways to use your Android phone:

Measure Your Heart Rate
Are you a victim of blood pressure or do you drink a lot at once and feel like your heart is giving up? If you own an Android phone, you can measure your heart rate in no time. This is very easy since you just need an app, ‘Instant Heart Rate’, and you are ready to go. When you finish downloading the app, launch it and place your index finger on the lens of your phone. Now, the app will take some time and measure your heart rate and it will take no more than 10 seconds for this. You will end up with your heart rate on the screen.


Control a PC

Have you ever gone for a remote assistance session with a Microsoft technician? You may also be willing to control PCs remotely, just like using a PC in New York from Galileo Observatory. The most interesting thing is that you can even use a phone running Android to control a PC running Windows 10. This is nothing more than installing Team Viewer on both of the devices, one is the PC (which is to be controlled) and the other is your Android phone (which is the controller). You can zoom in and out of Windows desktop in your Android phone with this cool feature.


Use as Flashlight

There are quite a lot of applications available at the Google Play Store, which convert your phone into a flash light. In fact, you may be confused how your Android phone turns out to be a flash light. Have you ever seen the light on the back of your phone flashing while taking pictures? What if that light glows continuously? That would be a flashlight and there are many apps to keep that light glowing. This feature is very handy for people in load shedding affected areas.


Track Earthquakes

This app is a must if you live in Los Angeles, Indonesia, Nepal or close to any fault lines. Ever felt like the room is moving and hid under the table? Android phones can also be used to track earthquakes without any hassle. Remember, you don’t need to be a USGS agent to track earthquakes. There is a popular app called Earthquake Alert, which can notify you within minutes after the occurrence of earthquake. So if you are taking selfies with your wife at a beach in Thailand, you will know the magnitude of earthquake that has just hit LA (just imagine). You don’t need to visit the site of USGS every time like as if you are out of work.


Use as Stopwatch or Timer

This is a very simple but exciting feature. There are many apps at the Play Store, which can turn out to be stop watches or timers. They work in alliance with your system’s time. If you want to find out how much time you take to solve a problem or eat a plate of Pizza, you can use your Android phone.




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