The Power of the Pen: 4 Ways Using a Stylus Benefits Smartphone Users

The Power of the Pen: 4 Ways Using a Stylus Benefits Smartphone Users

According to Pen Computing Magazine, the earliest mainstream Windows-based pen computers surfaced between 1989 and 1992 with a bright future. The technology looked promising and was ready to hit the mainstream and possibly replace keyboards. But by 1993, the hardware proved inadequate, handwriting recognition was mostly viewed as a failed technology and pen computing quickly fell out of fashion.

We saw stylus pens resurface with the popularity of the earliest generations of blackberries, which were in turn trumped in popularity by smartphones. But today, the pen is enjoying a resurgence of public favor with stylus pen enabled tablets and smartphones. But is using a stylus pen with your smartphone really worth it? Here are five ways that using a stylus could change the way you use your smartphone and make your life easier in the process.

Keep Your Gloves On

We’ve all had that moment when we fish our smartphone out of our bag or pocket during a cold winter and can’t activate the touch screen. Unless you remove your gloves and brace yourself for the biting weather, you can’t use your smartphone. Fortunately, there is a growing market for gloves that can actually mimic your natural fingerprints. PC World also suggests the option of applying thermal paste directly to your gloves to make them ready to type. Meanwhile, a stylus pen resolves the pesky glove issue and lets you text, take notes and surf the web without needing your fingertips.

Take Better Notes

It can be frustrating to take thorough notes with your fingers on a small, cramped screen. Typos are common and you’re often left tweaking autocorrect or re-writing your notes to get them right. The fine point of a stylus pen can help pinpoint the letters and numbers you really want on your keypad. But the stylus itself can also take notes without a keypad. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Note5 comes with an S Pen that can write notes like you would with a normal ink pen on paper. You can jot down your thoughts right on your screen without needing to type with your fingers.

Annotate Photos

Use your stylus pen to make direct notes on your cherished photos, business PDFs and other files. This can be a satisfying way to comment on memories with friends and family on shared photos, but a stylus pen can also help your business. Ask employees to send their PDFs and other files to you and mark them up right on your smartphone. This could help reduce your need to print and scan back files. A stylus pen can also eliminate the need for third party apps and tools that annotate your files for you.

Start Sketching

Graphic designers and artists on the go can leverage The Sketchbook and AutoCAD apps to draw on a smartphone or tablet. This handy feature can simplify meetings and presentations with clients who want to see additional drawings or tweaks. But even if you’re not a professional artist, you can still use a stylus pen to have some fun and tap into your creativity. Use an app like Character Maker to draw people, learn how to improve your skills and explore new hobbies.



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