Process of acquiring barcodes for CDs / DVDs?

Process of acquiring barcodes for CDs / DVDs?

The music industry is booming, there are many young and upcoming artists trying to make their mark in the music world. The big decision for young artists today, is whether to invest in barcode registration for their CDs and DVDs or whether to rely on selling them at gigs and concerts. There are more reasons to opt for acquiring barcodes for your music CDs / DVDs than there are reasons not to. Buy Barcodes is able to provide exceptional quality barcodes for your CDs and DVDs so that struggling music artists can afford to become professional artists.

Firstly, having barcodes on your CDs and DVDs allows you the option of approaching retailers, in order to see whether they would be interested in selling your CD/DVD. This will increase public awareness of your music as well as give you a professionalism you lacked before. Having barcodes on your products will make people take you seriously.

Obtaning barcodes for your music business is an investment and some music artists decide that they cannot afford the expense. However, here at Buy Barcodes, our barcodes are affordable and we provide top quality customer service and we are here to assist you from the beginning to the end.

There are several steps in the process of registering barcodes for your music business. Firstly, it is important to know your market. Where do you intend selling your CDs and DVDs? There are two main types of barcodes that you will require. UPC-A Barcodes are 12 digit barcodes that are used in America. On the other hand, EAN-13 barcodes (13 digits long) are used in South Africa, Europe and much of the rest of the world. So if you intend to sell your products in America, acquiring EAN-13 barcodes will be unnecessary. Our code package provides your barcodes in both UPC-A format as well as EAN-13 format. This is to ensure that you will be able to grow and expand your business and start selling your CDs and DVDs throughout the world.

We will also provide you with a graphic that you can place onto your CD or DVD. Your barcode can be placed on your Cd /DVD during the actual design of the cover, or alternatively, you can just stick the barcode stickers directly onto the cover by hand.

It is also important to make sure that your barcode is of the correct size to be able to be scanned effectively. The recommended size for barcodes for CDs/DVDs is 25 mm x 37mm. If necessary, you can make the barcode smaller by 80% which will mean it will be 20mm by 32mm. Barcodes for CDs tend to be a bit shorter than this as they are cut off at the top. This isn’t always the best idea since it may reduce the quality of the barcode. A good way to prevent future problems is to test out your barcode before you print in bulk.

In addition, the barcodes you purchase needs to be in the correct format to match your business needs. The 3 main formats that people use are:

  • TIFF Format.   Graphic artists use this format a lot when they need a see background that is transparent. A disadvantage of this format is that is not possible to resize it much.
  • EPS Format. This format is favoured by a lot of graphic designers since it is very versatile and allows for very high quality and a lot of resizing.
  • JPEG Format. The most popular format is the JPEG format. This is because it is easy to use as it is uncompressed and of a sufficiently high quality.   However, resizing is not possible.

Buy Barcodes makes this whole process even easier by providing your barcode package in all three formats so that you can choose which format will match your business needs.  We aim to make the process of acquiring barcodes for your CDs and DVDs as easy and effortless as possible. We will focus on what we do best, while you get on with making the best music you can!




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