Put Your Phones Down and Throw a Killer Party

Put Your Phones Down and Throw a Killer Party

Here at MobileTweaks.net, we’re all about helping our readers get the most out of their cell phones. But recent studies show that mobile phones are making us increasingly anti-social. This is a by-product of being able to instantly socialize with large networks of people from the palm of our hands. But our tips and hacks are meant to enhance our readers’ mobile experience, not destroy their social lives! So we’ve compiled a list of tips and resources you can use to throw a killer party for you and your friends this weekend!

Download a Great Playlist

Nothing ruins a party like bad music. Make sure you plan out a playlist that will maintain the fun and excitement throughout the evening. You don’t want things to be too fast paced the whole night, use variation to maintain your guests’ interest. Also, music can be an excellent way to theme a party.

If you feel the need to change the vibe of the party, modern day music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music enable you to access millions of tracks throughout the night. You can also download playlists in advance if you’re planning on having the party outside or at a separate location. Apple Music is even currently offering a free three month trial to new customers for best customer experience.

Save Time By Getting Your Party Supplies Delivered

Throwing a large party can be a time-consuming experience. Ensuring that you have enough party supplies for everyone you’ve invited can consist of lengthy and expensive shopping trips. But, you can get all of your bar supplies from a company like WidgetCo, an online cork and drinking material supplier. Widgetco manufactures a range of different cork drinking supplies, as well as metal bottle openers, pouring spouts, and shot glasses.

If you’re looking for more generic party supplies, Party Supplies Delivered delivers a range of affordable products. You can get anything from cups to ping pong balls. They also have holiday-specific decorations that you can use if you’re planning a themed party.

Fun Theme and Constant Updates

Providing constant, entertaining updates via text or Facebook makes sure people remember your event is approaching. If you’re promoting the party through social media, post funny photos and videos in the weeks leading up to the party – create a fun atmosphere among the attendees prior to the day of the event.

One of the best ways to get people interested in the party you’re having is to have an engaging theme. Popular themes are always fun, but getting creative with your party idea can increase its profile. For example, if everyone at the party knows each other, a good theme can be to have everyone wear plain white t-shirts with a funny joke about one of the other guests written on it. It’s a terrific icebreaker.

Well-Stocked Bar, Plenty of Ice, and Great Food

If you can afford it, you should try and make sure you’ve got a well-stocked bar at the house. Party guests love it when their hosts are generous with their hospitality. Not everyone can afford to provide all their invitees with drinks for the night, but you should at least ensure there is ample room for people to store their drinks. Make sure you have some ice and ice chests on hand, there won’t be enough room in your fridge if you’re throwing a large party. There’s nothing worse than warm beer!

Another game changer for parties is supplying great food. Depending on the time of year, a BBQ can be the perfect way to feed your guests. But cooking can be a lot of effort that you may not want to take on. Consider calling around local pizza shops and caterers – a lot of them give substantial discounts on bulk orders. Often, these discounts aren’t publicly available, so you’ll have to go looking if you want to find a good deal!


Over the next few weeks try and find a good time to put down your phone and put a killer party on for you and your friends. It may seem like a daunting task at first, but hosting an event always sounds more stressful than it actually it is. Get fired up about the party you’re planning and come up with a fun and engaging theme that will create excitement around your event. Get together with your closest friends and compile a perfect playlist for the night. Go to the grocery store and stock up on plenty of drinks and food. And save time looking for supplies by ordering through an online distributor like the ones mentioned in this article. And most of all, make sure to have fun – if you’re enjoying yourself, chances are everyone else is too.


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