A Few Quick Fixes for Common Android Problems

A Few Quick Fixes for Common Android Problems

No matter how much you spend, tweak, root, or customize your device, you will always run into problems. From battery issues and screen freezes, to the enraging text stall and syncing errors, they are commonplace even amongst the most powerful and up-to-date phones. We here at MobileTweaks.net share your pain and want to share with you some of the best techniques we’ve found for working around some of the more common issues with your Android based phone. And if you have a fix of your own, please leave us a comment below!


Battery Life

Drain on your battery is becoming more and more commonplace as apps become more resource hungry. This is often why battery life is only measured in talk-time and not in average app usage. There are two simple fixes to extend your battery life all around. By changing the brightness of your screen, you can significantly increase the usage time of your device. Instead of setting it to auto-brightness in your settings, pull the slider to about halfway and leave it there, or at least to an acceptable level. In addition, entering the Location menu and selecting a battery saving mode will help any situation where that extra bit of juice is needed.



When trying to connect an outside device to your own, be it Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or even your own network, you can run into some issues from time to time. Enabling Airplane mode for about 60 seconds, then turning it off and trying again to connect can often be the fix you need. If the issue is still there, try setting your connection to that particular device up again. Often simply resetting these connections can work in a similar way as rebooting a router or modem.


Crashing and Sync

If you are experiencing a great deal of crashes or syncing issues from a running application, check a few things before getting worried. If the app is crashing, force closing the application through the multitask menu can often help. If not, check the Play Store to see if there is an update needed. The same goes for Syncing issues through apps like Dropbox and Drive. Also remember to check your passwords and usernames and any connections you have between you and the service that would interfere. When all else fails, reinstalling the application may be your best bet.


Slow Interface

When you find that Android is dragging in everything you tell it to do, there can be a number of problems, but several fixes to try before getting worried. Clearing out your cached data can help immensely. Settings, then Apps, and then selecting that specific app will give you the option to clear the cache. Also deleting unused apps and moving photos to your microSD card or a cloud service can free up some processing power.

As with most issues with technology, sometimes the time-trusted technique of simply rebooting your device can fix, albeit temporarily, a large amount of small issues. If you find your phone continuously running into these issues, try some of the fixes we’ve mentioned above or contact Master Computer for professional.


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