There is no Ctrl + Z option applied when your data is deleted either intentionally or unintentionally. When you realize your blunder and you have lost your important stuff from system or phone and found yourself helpless in bring it back by any means then you are lucky that programmers have made such free data recovery software and are intensively available to solve your data loss situation. Data may be of any type like Photos, videos, music, documents etc. Photos and documents are the most important stuff in terms of data loss situation. People still may compromise on document recovery, but they don’t give a damn or don’t let any way to make photo recovery.

Our storage devices are getting modern day by day we can see that since the magnetic hard drive the size of storage devices have been constantly decreasing and in terms of micro SD card of approximately 1 cm, we can save our data of more than 256 Gb. These modern storage devices record data traces on it even after the file is removed. If these traces are not regenerated as the same file by means of free data recovery software or retrieve data from the digital grave than nothing will work. So, make your data and photo recovery as soon as possible efficiently.

Every operating system has unique features. So, data recovery approaches are also different in each OS. So here are some major operating systems describing their data recovery approaches:


In windows, data when deleted first stores in recycle bin. If your data is deleted and you realize after deletion, then you can simply go to recycle bin press right click and choose restore option. This option will let your file restore on the same place from where it has been deleted. But if you lose your desired file even from recycle bin or your file vanished by virus and malware attack than third-party software are used restore erased files.


In Mac systems, their security is excellent. But if you delete accidentally a file even from the Trash bin then there are very little software that can make effective data recovery. Because being a secured OS, it does not allow unknown software package to interfere. If your data is not overwritten and may be able to recover from this software then you are lucky, otherwise apple store and other data recovery experts are there to lose dollars from your pockets.


Android becomes the most common operating system in smartphones and tablets. This operating system is so accessible and is more user-friendly. Due to its friendly nature, many bad minds use it for their own purposes and turned it out for you as the worst enemy. Data loss situation is very common in android systems and without root access, it is impossible to recover erased data. “Root” operation may cause your device dead if it is not made effectively.

Now there are some applications available that might recover data by plugging your phone into a computer and using one of the desktop applications available for any traces of your erased files. It is advised to use Google Photos that manages and backs up your photos so that you can be preserved from making photo recovery.




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