Smartphones continue to grow with latest technology

Smartphones continue to grow with latest technology

As the technology we have continues to grow, we are seeing a range of better devices than ever before, none more impacted than the smartphone. The days of using our phones to just call and text people are long gone, the smartphone is now a multi-functional device that gives us a platform for many things. From surfing the web, making banking transactions or playing your favourite online casino games, all is now possible on our phones. As well as that, our phones can be the first port of call for photography with their excellent camera’s showing how we really can do most things from our phone.

A popular new smartphone is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge which combines its sleek appearance with quality components. One of the great features is the gaming aspect of the phone, with a dedicated game control centre combined with their powerful processor it makes gaming on the phone a whole lot better. Whether it is playing Star Wars or logging into Betway and choosing from a range of online casino games, the graphics and advanced processors will make playing any game extremely realistic. For example, should you play the roulette at Betway, the spinning of the ball with the sound and images will perfectly recreate the casino feel and allow you to play from anywhere you want. Another way the phone has incorporated technology is from a security point of view similar to home security. A lot of people have issues with their phone and cause damage to it involving water, which sometimes leaves you with a hefty bill to repair it. However, with the S7 Edge it has the capability to go 1.5m under water and not be affected, which I’m sure will be extremely useful to some out there!

As mentioned, smartphones now are multi-purpose products and the HTC 10 is evidence of a company that have spent time focussing on different aspects of the phone to target its audience. That’s because the phone contains brilliant Hi-Res Audio with BoomSound Hi-Fi edition speakers which make this phone the best around when it comes to listening to music. That is something that we all like to do, whether it is before you sleep at night, on the train to work or out running, and this phone gives you the perfect audio to whatever type of music you are into which makes it standout. When you combine that with its great design you have a sleek looking model that certainly has its own USP.

Overall, there are many great phones that have been released this year, with more coming out in the future that fulfil many different roles which are great for the customers and allow you to buy a smartphone that suits your needs. For instance, if you are big into your music, the HTC 10 is for you, if it’s gaming the Samsung model, and there are many alternatives out there which give similarly excellent service.



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