Smartphones keep changing the game

Smartphones keep changing the game

The mobile industry has become diverse with high levels of technology being thrown at us every single year. Thanks to mobile phones, tablets and the internet, highly sophisticated games and upgrades are produced each year. The introduction of smartphones such as Samsung S8, iPhone 8 and iPhone X has taken the gaming experience to another level with awesome screen displays and AR gaming. Everyone is trying to cash in on the mobile gaming on-the-go lifestyle, from celebrities such as Demi Lovato (Path to Fame) and Jermaine Dupri (4 Lanes) to RPG companies like Nintendo (Zelda) and Supercell (Clash of Clan).

Mobile gaming is billion dollar industry that is still on the rise. The gambling industry has taken note of this money making trend and have started creating mobile apps and web-based mobile games. It makes more sense for gaming companies to bring the games right to the fingertips of their customers as because it is readily accessible, convenient and practical. We now have gaming companies offering mobile casinos and mobile sportsbooks that can be accessed instantly through their user’s mobile phones. Casinos have developed apps that feature games such as roulette, poker, baccarat, blackjack, sports betting and progressive slot games.

Online Casino keep adding the latest features in technology.  With the advance of smartphones and technology, the graphics, animation and interface of progressive slots gets more attractive and creative without encountering lags. We have also started to see the use of 3D technology in casino gaming and this new trend is not going to die down anytime soon. Software giants like Playtech and Microgaming are leading the way with 3D technology displays, top notch graphics, appealing CGI scenery and clever simulations with games such as Gonzo’s Quest and Jungle Jim El Dorado. Fancy sites which aggregate all the free versions of these games for the user such as Tuxslots have also started cropping up to feed the appetite for the ever growing online population.

Moving on from the aesthetics to user interface, online casino have made life easier by adding some cool features such as the multiscreen slot facility, allowing players to switch between several games on one screen display. If you do not have access to online casinos with the multiscreen option, you can use the multiscreen feature of your smartphone. With phones like the Samsung 8, just open multiple browsers across the split screen and play away. The security and popularity of Bitcoin has not gone unnoticed by the gambling industry. Casinos have started incorporating bitcoins as part of their currency and there has been a slow rise of bitcoin-only casinos. With both the casinos and users taking advantage of the quick transaction times and low transaction fees offered by the cryptocurrency.

Mobile gambling is the future as smartphone keep getting smarter and more advanced. Gaming developers will have to keep up with the trend and put more thought into developing more entertaining and cutting edge mobile casinos games and apps, utilizing new technological features offered by the latest phones while preserving the main characteristics of casino gaming. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.


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