Sticker Printing 101: Stickers That Leave an Impression to your Brand

Sticker Printing 101: Stickers That Leave an Impression to your Brand

Sticker printing is a cool way of marketing that’s gaining momentum once more. If you want to try this method of marketing your brand and you are not sure where to begin, then you need to read on to know how to pick stickers that leave an impression

Choose the Purpose

The first step is to choose where you want to use the stickers. For instance, if you want to place them to every office stationery or you want to do vehicle marketing with them. Obviously, the size, design, and dimensions of the stickers will vary if the stickers are needed for branding a pen or adding to the back glass of a car.

Decide the Shape

There are two options when it comes to deciding the shape of a sticker offered by reputed companies like Rayacom. You can either pick a sticker that has a standard shape like a square, rectangle, circle, and oval or you can ask the company to design a new shape for you such as a star or an octagon. Going for the former is cheaper but going for latter will, in most cases, leave a longer impression.

Set a Budget

When choosing the right sticker for your brand, you often get convinced to buy something cheaper than you wanted or spend more money than your budget allows. You can get rid of this problem by setting a budget for your sticker printing needs. Always remember to set a realistic budget as cheap stickers won’t last long and might hurt your budget, and expensive stickers may harm your budget. Look for value for money deals if possible.

Select from Two Key Options

If you are printing stickers to promote your brand, the question of whether you need cut to size stickers or rolled over stickers won’t certainly pop up. You should choose on the basis of what the printing company’s conditions are and the level of convenience you want. For instance, some printing companies would offer only cut to size stickers if the quantity is low. Similarly, cut to size stickers are easy to hand out to people while roll stickers take less space and are easier to peel and dispense. In case you have no idea which one do you want, you can request a small sample of both the options and then decide.

Hire Professionals

Though many graphic designing software are easily available over the internet and people are predicting that AI-powered platforms are the future of graphic design, you should still hire a printing company to create your brand’s stickers. They will be professionals who would have handled thousands of jobs like yours and know how to do a sticker printing job with perfection.

Apart from designing a perfect sticker, they will also help you get your hands on some unique design tips and ideas so that you don’t need to brainstorm it much. What’s more is that a professional company will offer technical support and lend a hand if there is a blunder.



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