The Smartphone Battle Commences: iPhone 6 vs Xiaomi Mi5

The Smartphone Battle Commences: iPhone 6 vs Xiaomi Mi5

The Smartphone Battle Commences: iPhone 6 vs Xiaomi Mi5

 In today’s technology crazed world, everyone, who is anyone, wants to get his or her hands on the latest and most technological advanced smartphone. With this in mind, it is imperative to break down and compare the characteristics of the top smartphones on the market. Obviously, everyone has heard of Apple’s iPhone. Suffice to say, there are masses of fan boys and girls, who’ll flock to the Apple stores and wait hours, upon hours, in order to get their hands on the latest iPhone. However, one must consider other products, which may be better for your particular needs.

During our experience with smartphones, we’ve run into quite a few products, which can hold their own with Apple’s phones. In fact, the Xiaomi Mi5 might be capable of squashing the mythological beast that is Apple’s iPhone 6. We believe that the Mi5 is capable of delivering a stronger performance for half the price! Below, we’ll explore the two products and each of their features.



Dimension Comparison

Most Smart phone users tend to surf the Internet, play video games, and utilize different apps, this is why the phone’s dimensions are very important. The bigger the device, the better the user will be able to see the items on the screen. The Apple iPhone 6 is a tad big larger in size than the Xiaomi MI 5, in several different factors including length, width, and thickness. Below you will discover the dimensions of both mobile phones.

  • iPhone 6 – 6.22” L x 3.06” W x 0.28” Thickness
  • Xiaomi MI 5 – 5.55” L x 2.81” W x 0.20” Thickness

iphone 6

xiaomi mi5






As you can obviously see the iPhone 6 is larger, but in today’s high tech world, many mobile phone users are searching for something that is more compact, especially the thickness.

The Displays

xiaomi mi5

iphone 6


When looking at the overall dimensions of the two phones, one will instantly believe that the iPhone 6 is equipped with the bigger and better screen display, but this may not be the case. In fact, despite a somewhat small physical size, the Xiaomi Mi 5 is actually fitted with better resolution and pixel density. Although it is .3 inches small in overall specifications, the Mi 5 attempts to use the entire body space for their screen. Unfortunately, the iPhone leads the way in protective features. The glass on their smartphone is capable of resisting scratches and is also embellished with an oleophobic coating for added protection.

The Cameras

 iphone 6 camera


Almost every smartphone on the market is equipped with two cameras, one that is front facing and also a back facing camera. The same remains true here. However, the parameters of the cameras are significantly different. In fact, the Xiaomi Mi 5’s cameras are actually capable of snapping higher quality pictures. The back facing camera is 16 megapixels, which triumphs over the iPhone 6’s 8-megapixel camera. The same remains true for the front facing cameras. The Mi 5 smashes the iPhone 6 with 8 megapixels, when compared to the 1.2 megapixels of the iPhone 6. Although Apple’s product is capable of offering immense features, the overall parameters of Xiamoi’s Mi 5’s cameras are significantly better in all regards.

Fingerprint Sensor

 iPhone 6

Many individuals find it necessary to protect their devices with every safety mechanism possible. The iPhone 6 comes equipped with a Touch ID or better known to most, as the fingerprint sensor. This offers the user an extra safety feature, which will only allow them access to their device. If their phone is lost or stolen, it will be nearly impossible for someone else to gain access to their phone and its contents. The Xiaomi MI 5 does not come equipped with this safety feature, which may or may not be suitable for the user.

Internal Hardware

 Although the external features and displays are tremendously impressive on both devices, it is the internal components that truly matter. Again, the Xiaomi Mi 5 is actually an upgrade in almost all particular characteristics. The processor is a tad bit stronger and the system’s RAM is capable of delivering a more seamless performance. However, some will still select the iPhone 6, since it is capable of offering extended storage space. In fact, Apple’s smartphone doubles the built-in storage of the Mi 5. A personal preference factor should be taken into consideration here, since 64 GB will be sufficient for some, whereas others will feel more comfortable with Apple’s 128 GBs of storage.

The Budget Factor

 Suffice to say, budget is always going to be a major determining factor. Although the prices of technology have decreased rapidly in the past few years, smartphone prices still remain, as high as ever. With this in mind, one must consider how much they’re truly willing to spend. As with almost all of Apple’s phones and products, they tend to be on the more expensive end of the spectrum. The price of the iPhone 6 is nearly $1000. At the same time, the Xiaomi Mi5 is expected to cost around $400. This is a major difference, which may very well settle the deal, without need for further comparison.

Pros and Cons of the Xiaomi Mi 5

 Xiaomi Mi 5

There are certainly plenty of likeable features with the Xiaomi Mi 5, which may very well make it more powerful and reliable than the iPhone 6.

  •  Better screen display
  • Much improved cameras
  • Faster processor and more RAM
  • Significantly cheaper

 Xiaomi mi5













Still, the iPhone 6 is a little better in some specific areas. Depending on your specific needs and preferences, the iPhone’s slightly upgraded, but small array, of features may be enough to influence your decision.

  • Less internal storage space
  • Less durable screen with little added protection
  • Slightly less features

Pros & Cons: iPhone 6

 There are innumerable pros and cons to owning an iPhone, because it offers flexibility and diversity, without great complexity. The display size, which is 4.7”, cannot have enough said about it. Anyone can utilize the device, without it feeling too bulky. The pros can be found below.

iPhone 6 pros












  • iOS Ease of Use
  • Apple’s Name
  • More Storage Space

The iPhone’s exterior design is up in question, since the bendgate rumors that will continue to haunt the brand for some time coming. The rigid, slanting edges are top notch, which may be a step up compared to the iPhone5. The placement of the power and volume buttons is superior and cannot be beat, by any mobile brand. Some cons can be found below.

  • Slow processor and less RAM
  • Lower quality cameras
  • Price tag!

Overall Conclusion

 At the end of the day, choosing the right smartphone is a personal decision that requires trust in one’s self. It is imperative to know your needs, specifications and desires, before making your purchase. Although some will prefer the Apple iPhone 6, others will feel the price tag is simply out of their range. Also, the personal choice between the two operating systems will ultimately impact the overall decision. Still, the information above should be sufficient for helping you make a more informed and better overall decision.


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