Things to do After Unboxing your New Android Phone

Things to do After Unboxing your New Android Phone

Looking to buy Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge? Setting up a new android phone is fun for all of us and it gives us a charm that we never feel ever. If you are a new android user and buying an android device for the very first time the given tips are going to be helpful for you to setup your phone for the first use. These are no more technical tips but need to set before you start using your new android phone.

unboxing your new Android phone

  1. Look at all accessories comes with

After opening the box and taking out your phone sake the box until it got empty. Make sure all things are the part of phone, like cables, earphones, charging blocks and user manual. These are the common things available in all android devices.

  1. Take a look at the phone

Take a look over your phone is not to check it slightly, but to check each and every corner and make sure it travelled well and nothing is broken. You may also remove all of the plastic films and other protective material in order to be 100% sure everything is right.

  1. Charge the Battery if Not

Usually when we buy a new android phone it’s battery come with initial charging and you can put it into the phone for initial use, but if it doesn’t put the phone away with charging. It helps you to check supply cables and power adapters.

  1. Connect to Internet

In order to download your favorite apps and connect to your social accounts you must be connected to your Wifi internet connection or go with mobile network connection like 3G or 4G LTE then your phone will be ready to roll over the internet.

  1. Update OS if Needed

It might possible the phone you buy is not updated with the latest android OS, so for the first time you connect to the internet check or an OS update if needed. Grab the latest update before you sin in to your Google Play store and install apps.

  1. Log into Google Account

In order to install apps on your android phone you must be login to your Google account. It helps you to download new apps from Google Play Store and update pre-installed apps on your brand new smartphone.

  1. Update Pre-Installed Apps

We recommend before you go ahead update the whole bunch of pre-installed apps, it would take few minutes but saves your much time and effort.

  1. Go to the Settings

Every android user has to setup their phone as per their needs, like screen brightness, screen timeout and sound settings can be settled as you require. As a new user if you see something that you don’t understand at that time go the android forum and get help from other android users.

  1. Sign to Social Accounts

Once all above things done it’s time to go to your social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and whatever you use and share your new device with friends and followers.


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