Three Great and Free Android Games

Three Great and Free Android Games

Mobile gaming is what people demand and we here at Mobiletweaks love them just as much as the next person. So in that spirit, we’ve compiled a short list of three of the best free games from several genres that we hope you love as much as we do. While many free games often require in-app purchases to fully experience the entire game itself, these in this list do not. While extra expenditure is encouraged, but not required, the three games here are playable and fun and cost you no more than few taps of the finger to get you going. So have fun and get out there and play!

sonic asrt

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is simply fun. Taking everything fun from it’s console counterparts and placing it into it’s mobile version, Sonic delivers (as always) the fast-paced insanity that is the classic Sonic credo with the addition of touch-controls that do not hinder the game. Only plagued by the intermittent in-app purchase, the game is smooth and and quick and promises to keep die-hard Sonic and Sega fans coming back to do battle with classic stars in it’s Solo mode along with a sensible and easy Online mode. Nevermind that Sonic, known for having a need to go fast, is in a car. The fun is inherent and will have you smiling in no time.


Arcane Legends

While the market is flooded with “MMO” titles for your mobile device, Arcane Legends actually lives up to the genre it occupies. A freemium title, meaning you will never have to purchase anything to enjoy the game to it’s fullest, Arcane Legends is played like the RPG fantasy that we’ve all taken a turn at once or twice. It features a multitude of quests and locations to explore and a good selection of classes with many skills to upgrade that compliments the amount of detail the game includes, both in it’s story and in it’s visuals. A smooth interface with a small learning curve allows even some of the most inexperienced MMO players to enjoy the game almost immediately. But an MMO is not an MMO without it’s social aspect and Arcane Legends makes that easier than even some of it’s larger counterparts. Single-tap interactions can help you find parties and talk with your fellow adventurers.

Zen Pinball HD7

Zen Pinball HD

While Pinball is hardly a new innovation, Zen Pinball HD can boast that it likely has the easiest to pick up interface of nearly any game out there. Pinball is inherently easy and it’s developers remembered that, taking that classic control scheme and placing on top an often stunningly pretty game. Vibrant colors and animations coincide deeply with snappy sound-effects and each design is a step back into what classic pinball offers, just in the palm of your hand. Other unique tables are available through in-app purchase, but for the pinball lover this is hardly a hurdle into getting that high score just one more time.


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