Three Pay Apps that You Really Shouldn’t Miss

Three Pay Apps that You Really Shouldn’t Miss

Applications that are free are commonplace. In fact, few look beyond the free price sticker on most apps for anything new for good reason; most apps simply aren’t worth the money at which they’re priced. However, there are a few gems out there that carry a premium price tag and, frankly, are worth the few dollars they’re asking. We here at wouldn’t ask you to part with your hard earned money without good reason and, frankly, these three gathered apps are that good reason.


PowerAmp Music Player (Android, $3.99)

PowerAmp is, as the title implies, a music player for Android. However, with just over 2 million users of the application, they have to be doing something right with the app. It seems that the incredible equalization features, gapless audio play, the ability to crossfade with the best of them, and support for just about any format you can find out there, really make this little app stand out. Too many media applications focus on the entire suite of music, movies, and games. PowerAmp is a music player, pure and simple. If you are unsure about if the app is for you, the developers offer a Free Trial Version for you to test. Once you buy the app, every future update is released to you for free.


Reddit News (Android, $1.99)

There are many free Reddit apps out there, but most seem to fall short in some manner or the other. Either customization features are lacking or image quality or navigation are nightmares. Reddit News seems to be flawless from beginning to end. It has a multitude of features included in the pay version of the app that make it stand out. Image pre-fetching for fast loading, complete profile control and the ability to delete comments, the smoothest scrolling you’ll find in an app of its type, and a host of other features make the $1.99 well worth it if you are a serious redditor.


Nova Launcher Prime (Android, $4.00)

Ask any Android enthusiast and they will list Nova Launcher Prime as one of the top apps that they’d gladly pay for on any platform. It is, in short, a home screen replacement. It is, however, the most customizable launcher for this generation of Android and it seems that no one is set to take that place from them. The paid version features gesture-based app control, notification counts for every app you can think of, a host of icon controls such as customizable groupings and the ability to hide unused applications, and many more. The look of the launcher is clean and crisp and uncluttered thanks to many of the built in features controlling your icons and applications. It does require Nova Launcher, which is a free application, but the Prime unlock is more than worth the $4.00 the developers are asking. It will ruin you to their setup to the point that Android without it will seem incredibly odd and small. Do yourself a favor and get this application as soon as possible.


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