Top 10 Winning Tips For Sports Betting

Top 10 Winning Tips For Sports Betting

Many people consider sports betting as a hobby, and few others find it as a fun time. However, there are still ways to earn good bucks of money on this type of betting. You need to understand the tricks and strategy of sports betting, varied types of bets to make, understand and compare the odds, and know the exact time when to make smart bets or simply walk away from bad betting. Moreover, sports betting is not like winning a big amount in one huge slot; rather it requires proper time and dedication to win a series of small and smarter bets. One wrong approach and you are unlikely to enjoy sports betting and making a profit.

However, do not underestimate and stop yourself from sports betting. This article will surely help you to develop good habits from the onset itself. Enjoy betting on various sports as the site LiveBets provides in-depth analysis of hockey betting odds along with very important winning tips to successfully perform sports betting.

Tip 1: Set the Attainable Goals

Majority of the people loses in sports betting and this is a bitter fact. Some people are of the belief that they can bet better based upon their sports knowledge and compete with the bookmakers. However, this is actually not the case as sport betting is quite a higher level than just a little sports knowledge. Lot many things are required to become a successful bettor of sports.

Initially, set realistic and short-term goals of winning money by which you can enjoy achieving them. After getting the required experience, go ahead setting more complex and long-term objectives, which will provide you great profit.

Tip 2: Learning the Basics of Sports Betting

Sport betting is considered simple and enjoyable but it does not mean to get it started right away without uprooting its fundamentals. Thus, learn the basics before placing wagers to reach a better position and take full enjoyment in it. The most important points to take care are:

  • Know about varied types of sports betting and odds
  • Components and types of sports wager
  • Learning fixed odds betting
  • Betting with a bookmaker
  • How a bookmaker can make more money

Tip 3: Know-how of Basic Maths and Use a Staking Plan

This is a number game and requires a basic understanding of division and multiplication of numbers. A professional sports bettor should possess basic knowledge of Maths as it cannot be played on instinct for a long time. To be successful in sports betting, prepare a feasible staking plan and understand the odds in terms of probability.

Here are few benefits of using a proper staking plan:

  • Lesser chances of losing money during bad times
  • Fewer possibility to lose money from good bet
  • Lesser chance for irrational betting decisions

Tip 4: Importance of Concept of Value

Clearly understand the concept of value while sport betting. It indicates the relation between the selection odds and the probability of related output. When the odds of a selection are higher than the technically relevant probability, the selection is considered to possess a positive expected value. This results in successful sports betting. Thus, even if your objective is to bet for fun, you should have a proper understanding of this concept.

Tip 5: Understanding the Required Betting Strategies

Sports bettor, especially the beginners should spend some time in understanding simple betting strategies to make good decisions. Thus, we have compiled a list of strategies to have successful and enjoyable sports betting:

  • Try ignoring personal bias
  • Spend sufficient research time
  • Always have trust on your judgment
  • Not to get overconfident on your win
  • Don’t be disheartened on your loss
  • Try experimenting new tricks and strategies of betting
  • Take part in betting forums

Tip 6: Comparing Odds and Lines

You should follow this one of the easiest tips of comparing odds and lines. Performing this comparison is very simple and takes just few minutes before you place a wager. Several betting websites and bookmakers have variations in the odds and lines. There is actually a minor difference in the odds and lines of varied sites, but it can become more with the passing time. So, do proper research to get the best deal possible for the wager you place.

Tip 7: Maintaining your Betting Records

Keeping a track record of your sports betting is necessary for the beginners. The reasons behind this are – Firstly, you can monitor your money spent in betting and stick to your set budget. Secondly, with these records, you can have chances to improve your strategies of sports betting by referring them on regular intervals. This tip is very useful to gain a long-term profit and analyze your very own performance.

Have a record of the following list of information for your each wager:

  • Sports selection
  • Odds of selection
  • Stake size
  • Wager result
  • Received payment amount if the wager is won

Tip 8: Bet Smartly, Not Emotionally

Many people bet for their emotional purpose rather than on a particular objective of their desired outcome. Such people may bet for their home town, their country, or their hot favorite sports star. This means the odds to win are chosen based on the popularity and not what the bookmaker thinks, which can be a real winning chance. The winning chances in this case, reduce a lot. Thus, forget about your favorite team and carefully bet on the outcome where you already had an emotional investment.

Tip 9: Invest in your Interest Area

Most of the money is bet on highly rich profile games, especially when they are showcased on television. However, the professional sports bettors usually focus more on the niche bets. They choose a couple of sports to bet and develop a deep understanding about its odds and market.

The professional punters usually do not bet on high profile sports that possess their own industry experts and a great fan following. Moreover, they do not even choose to bet on high profile matches of their favorite sports.

Thus, it is advised to bet on fewer famous sports to avail several betting opportunities and a potential to develop your expertise. Always look at the lower leagues and not so famous sports for successful betting.

Tip 10: Handle your losses positively

No one would like to lose their hard-earned money, but creating a hype of this feeling and getting averse can lead to mental disorder and irrational behavior, which can cost quite high than the profit you make on sports betting. So, be ready to accept the loss while betting no matter how expert bettor you are. The professional punters will always move on from their losses so that their future decision is not distorted, which differentiates them from others.


Many people have a false notion of gambling being a luck game. However, sport betting is random and the people often placing irrational bets dominate this market. If you understand these flaws, then you are a champion and others will consistently help you indirectly to earn money from sports betting.

In nutshell, sports punters need required expertise, professional experience and hard work to become successful. So, keep using these 10 important tips to compete with the bookmakers and the entire market.


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