Top 5 dating apps

Top 5 dating apps


The popularity of dating apps is remarkable and the business is expected to reach over $1 billion, which expected to be double in next five years. Single individuals around the world are on a lookout for a better way to meet people on-the-fly. Smartphone revolution has made searching for love very easy, location aware apps can let you know who else is nearby and single. If you are someone who is not comfortable with old fashion way of finding a partner, then why not give a try to one of the Smartphone dating apps? Our researchers have narrowed down to listed apps based on popularity and active users, here are the top 5 dating apps which you can trust to find love for you

Tinder- Tinder got a lot of popularity in recent time due to its easy set up and handy features. All you need to do is, log-in with your Facebook account and Tinder will do the rest, such as it will create the Tinder profile and upload the picture with your first name and interest. You can then browse the potential match near to you and swap right if you are interested in the person. Tinder also lets you send messages or even set up a date.– got a venerable presence as an online dating site. User can create their profile, upload pictures and then engage in dating by clicking the option called “Wink” for free. also let their user if someone checks their profile or like the picture, but you have to buy subscriptions to unlock the feature.

OK Cupid– OKCupid is leading dating app popular among younger and hipper singles. The most used features of the app are Facebook connectivity, powerful matching algorithms and a host of other tools. But the best part of OkCupid app is it won’t ask you to fill list of questions about how you feel about yourself, instead it uses polls to gauge your personality. This  app focuses more on data other than your perception about yourself. OK Cupid is now supported on Apple Watch as well, you can freely download native Apple watch app.

Bae (Before anyone else) – Bae helps you to cut through the clutter of dating apps. If you are frustrated to swipe tones of profile and still do not find the correct match, then Bae is just made for you. It sends you 10 potential profiles everyday to choose from and helps you to connect with the interested person. Once you find some match for you will have free access to unlimited chat which is not common in other dating apps.

Plenty of Fish– Plenty of Fish is based on the combined concept of Tinder and OKCupid. You can browse lists of potential profiles and hit any three available answers, Yes, No or Maybe! Based on your answer, software makes a list which you can review in your own time. This dating app also sends potential profile based on your browsing history and preference. With more than 55 million members, it is pretty sure that Plenty of Fish has a lot many things to offer to online dating user.

Intelligent apps are location aware, have inbuilt chat feature, smart watch support and have advance privacy baked it. Dating can’t be easier when it starts right from your palm. Good luck!


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