Top 5 educational apps for adults

Top 5 educational apps for adults

Educational apps have become the sole source of learning for many adults nowadays. With the amount of information available on these apps, many people question the need to use a teacher. Although it is still up for debate whether or not educational apps can replace students, one thing is for sure that these educational apps can greatly aid an adult’s learning.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 educational apps for adults. One of these is thesis assistance, which we will expand on later.


Dueolingo is one of the biggest language learning apps on the planet. It has made a big name for itself in the language sector. Before duolingo, it would be extremely difficult to gather the relevant sources to study a language.

With duolingo, you can track your progress and there is a helpful community where you can ask questions and answer other people’s questions as well. All in all, duolingo is a must if you want to learn a language. You can set a reminder for the app to tell you when you should be studying. Although you should not expect to become fully fluent solely through the app, as that requires immersion in your chosen language, duolingo can be an excellent starting point to help you grasp the basics of a language.


Although quizup is not aimed at a particular subject, it is extremely useful in increasing your trivia and general knowledge. The app has many sub categories that you can choose to focus on if you want to improve your general knowledge in a specific area. Best of all, you get to play against human players that you are paired up again online.

Even better is the fact that you can invite your friends to download the app and play against. The app combined the best of both education and fun to deliver a very fun experience. It is a great way to pass the time as well increasing your knowledge at the same time.

Writing Agencies

Although not apps per se, writing agencies are a vital educational tool for adults. They offer educational consultations to adults, tutors and, of course, writing services. There are many great writing services and thesis helpers that you can find online. They can help you with a long thesis that is due on a short notice.

There are a few things to look out for when looking at writing agencies. Firstly, you should ensure that they are trustworthy by reading reviews by past customers that have used them. You also need to look at the quality of the work they produce. This can mainly be gauged by the samples they will provide for prospective customers on their website. Security is also an issue, so ensure that your payment is deducted through secure means.


As an adult learner, there is probably no app better than EdX if you are looking to learn through formal courses. EdX shows that college and education is no longer solely for college and high school students; adults can also be involved. EdX allows its users to study courses from prestigious universities such as MIT. You can even earn certificates to show that you have completed a course. There are also many nice features of the app such as being able to tune into lectures, take quizzes on the courses that you are completing as well as complete assignments. All this without the need to pay for tuition fees! However, some courses may cost a small fee to do.


Udavity is similar to EdX. It allows adults to learn courses through the app by paying a fee for certain courses. There are many difference topics to choose from and you can even earn a nano degree by paying $200. The fee not only includes the nanodegree but also advice and coaching from professionals and experts in the field you have chosen to study.

If you are an adult, you do not need to worry about the lack of educational material available to you. As you can see, there are a plethora of apps that you can use to educate yourself and that provide significant professional development. Whether you want to gain more knowledge about your current job or learn another language, there is an app out there for you.




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