Top Android Apps 2014 – Top recommended and FREE!

Top Android Apps 2014 – Top recommended and FREE!

As app development on the Android platform continues to progress and thus become an ever more polished  and credible rival to Apple’s iOS platform, it becomes both interesting and exciting to see what new apps are going to be released. Even though we are not even half way through 2014 yet, there have already been some amazing new apps released that make using an Android device even more productive, fun and entertaining. Let’s take a look at the best new Android Apps released in 2014 so far!


1. iSupr8
Kicking off our top android apps 2014 is iSupr8. This app, designed to create vintage-looking videos on your
smartphone, has been a long time coming and finally arrived in March this year for android. With iSupr8, you
will be able to create retro classics in 1080p HD. At the same time, it lets you select from a variety of film
stocks that can add a flicker, projector frame, vignette, scratches, grain, film-burn and noise to your video.

autofinder app

2. Auto Finder
This app will automatically mark the location of your car upon detecting that the car has parked by using the
built-in device of your vehicle. There is no configuration that is needed at all. To operate the app, you can use
the map or satellite mode. If you like, you can even mark a location manually. Also, it offers direction back to
the spot where you parked the car.

link bubble app

3. Link Bubble

This surprisingly simple yet useful app can load web pages on the background. This way, you will not be
distracted from what you are presently reading. Upon clicking a link, a bubble will pop up on the sidelines,
showing you the progress of the loading. When it is done with loading, it will be opened automatically.
Alternatively, you may move the bubble into a Pocket icon for later reading.
With the free version, you can open 3 tabs at ago from a single app. On the other hand, the premium app not
only works with all the apps but also has infinite tab support. The app is designed for people who spend most
of their time reading web content on their phones.

Fiverr android app

4. Fiverr

Fiverr, a service that acts as a go-between for people who want to do odd works and those that are ready to
pay, has been around for some time. At the beginning, the micro-tasks were valued at no more than a buck a
job. Today however, the service has greatly expanded and even includes bigger payouts. This app, only
recently launched, enables users to keep in touch with their employers, find gigs, get important notifications
and even post jobs. The app is suitable for people who want a small task done fast, or those looking to earn
quick bucks on the side.

timehop android app
5. Timehop

This is a little and interesting social app that enables users to view whatever they were up to on their social
networks years ago. The app has the ability to pull updates from Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook and
Instagram. It does this from exactly 1,2 or 3 years ago to a specific day. Although it is one simple premise, it is surely a nice way for getting casual daily nostalgia dose. Look back exactly a year ago and see what you surely a nice way for getting casual daily nostalgia dose. Look back exactly a year ago and see what you were up to. Timehop closes our list of top android apps 2014. There have been more outstanding new apps released on Android in 2014; however, these 4 apps shine  just a little bit brighter than even the best of the rest and so get our top recommendation. Get busy downloading!


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