Top Apple Watch Tips And Tricks To Be More Productive Guide

Top Apple Watch Tips And Tricks To Be More Productive Guide

For those who have been lucky enough to release a new Apple Watch lately, surely they still do not know many apps and tricks that can make them gain in productivity. Being a new device that nobody has used before, it’s very easy to ignore those little things that make your day to day easier.

That is why it’s the perfect time to learn them as soon as possible and without wasting a minute. Having used this Apple Watch eSIM since its launch recently, these are the Apple Watch apps tips and tricks that I would have liked to know from the first moment I put the Apple Watch on my wrist.

Get Back To The Last App

You turn the wrist, the watch face appears. Navigate through your apps and open the one you want. You finish what you are doing and spend five minutes. You spin the wrist again, and the sphere appears again, not the app you just opened.

If you want to turn the wrist to that last app, you can determine that setting from your iPhone in Apple Watch> General> Turn on screen. Here you can choose to return to the sphere or show the last activity.

Answer Emails From Your Wrist

This functionality was restricted in watchOS 1, but since the new update of Apple’s operating system, we can respond to those emails. Use the microphone to dictate text or the default responses to send messages quickly.

Modify Default Responses

Related to the above, you can access Apple Watch> Mail or iMessage> Default responses to modify the default answers, put what you want and sort them in another way. The ones that come by default may sound a bit “dry” depending on who uses them, so best suit them to your style.

Hey Siri

We have two ways to invoke Apple’s personal assistant: turning the wrist and saying Hey Siri or holding the digital crown tight. Siri on the Apple Watch is a great way to be productive. In my case, I often use it when creating reminders such as Remind me to call my parents when I get home.

But its is capable of much more, from set alarms, countdown, and launch apps to make calls and send messages through iMessage. Siri’s comfort in Apple Watch is one of Apple Watch strengths.

Use Your Nose When You Have No Choice

Real situation: you are scrubbing the dishes or cooking. The telephone rings. Leaving what you’re doing, washing your hands and taking the iPhone out of your pocket can make you miss the call. Instead, you turn your wrist to look who it is and after deciding that it is worth this call, pick up the phone with your nose.

There is a Wristly study that asked its subscribers if they used this peculiar method to interact with their clock and many responded affirmatively. So you know, even if they look at you weird you will not be alone when you do.

Customize The Complications

Traditional clocks have complications, which consist of any mechanism or piece of information different at a time. That is the date, calendar, lunar phase, etc. In Apple Watch, the complications go much further. Depending on the sphere, you can incorporate these small widgets both Apple and third-party applications. They are a great way to see relevant information in just a few seconds.

Travel In Time With Your Apple Watch

A very special novelty that brought watchOS 2 was the possibility of traveling in time to know what we expected in the future. With the digital crown, we can see how complications change in addition to the time, showing us the next appointment in our agenda, the time that will do later and other information that we show third-party apps.

In this sense, the Modular sphere is the one that takes greater advantage out of Time travel. When presenting several complications, with special relevance in the agenda, we can see what appointment awaits us in the afternoon and much more.

Return To The Previous App

When we are jumping from app to app, there is a shortcut that allows us to do it almost instantaneously. It consists of squeezing the digital crown twice to toggle between one app and another. You will no longer have to hunt the apps in the home panel constantly.

Mute A Call Or Turn Off The Display

Do not want to pick up a call or have you already consulted what you needed on your Apple Watch? Place your palm on your screen to mute a call or turn off your screen. When you start using it, you’ll wonder why the iPhone does not react the same way.

Control Your Notifications

Apple Watch automatically transfers notifications of your iPhone to your wrist. So, you may not need the same as before. It’s a good opportunity to get rid of all the noise that invades your life.

Customize Email Alerts

The Apple Watch gives you the perfect opportunity to filter the emails that are really important in your day to day. With VIP lists you can choose when you want to be alerted depending on the sender, here we tell you how to configure it.

Also, you can select on your iPhone which email threads you want to be alerted to, regardless of your sender. In Mail, right-click on the email you want to monitor and select Notify me to receive a notification whenever that email is responded to.

Listen To Music On Your Apple Watch While Playing Sports

Accessing from your iPhone to Watch> Music you can select a list to synchronize in your smart watch. Also, here you can choose the limit of songs to synchronize according to a certain capacity or some songs. In this way, you could listen to music with Bluetooth headsets without your iPhone while you play sports.

Selecting Productivity Apps For Apple Watch

The convenience of having a device attached to the wrist makes it the perfect companion of your productivity. In addition to Apple Watch’s serial apps, these provide us with extra productivity:

DO button: from the creators of IFTTT we get this app for Apple Watch. Activate up to three recipes from your wrist quickly and just a few touches.

Word of the day: learn a new word in English every day, perfect for learning new vocabulary constantly.

You record: I have always wanted to record conversations without the people around me noticing as if it were the Inspector Gadget. You can do it from your Apple Watch.

Trello: helps you to organize better in solo as in groups, with its app for the Apple watch you can manage everything without using your iPhone.

Things: this famous app for task management has a version for the Apple Watch, perfect to keep up with what you have to do.

Streaks: one of those selected by Apple a year or perhaps two years ago, this app helps you complete repetitive activities every day.

Quip: this is a word processor that combines a chat with which better handle the documents with your colleagues. Its version for the smart clock keeps you up to date on important conversations and alerts.

Wunderlist: another of the most relevant productivity apps, now with the version for Apple Watch, so you do not forget any task.

Finally, there you have it all on Apple Watch, I have given as many tips and tricks from Apple Watch. And also if you have battery problems with Apple Watch, you can always put it in power saving mode by holding down the Power button until a small menu appears with the option to turn it off or put it into power saving mode, this will only cause it to start when we request it, enjoy.


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