Top Football Betting Markets

Top Football Betting Markets

Football betting is one of the fastest growing sports betting niches in the world. More and more people even those who are not football fanatics are starting to follow football stats sites such as NetBet Casino just for the sole reason of accessing crucial information that would put them in a better place to place winning bets. Below is a roundup of some of the top football betting markets to choose from for both novices and pros

Win-Draw-Win/ 3 Way

This is the common football betting market. It’s reasonable to say that anyone who has ever placed a football bet has used this market. The Win-Draw-Win market is the one used by sportsbooks for advertising purposes where one team has its odds and the draw odds are placed at the centre. In this market, a bettor chooses one of three options, team A to win, team B to win or a draw. Always remember a Win-Draw-Win market covers 90-minutes of the game, it does not extend to extra time or penalty shootouts.

Away No Bet

In this market, you only have two options to choose from that is home team to win or a draw. If the away team wins, you will receive your bet back. Because you stand more chances of winning in this market, its odds are not as attractive as the Win-Draw-Win market.

Home No Bet

The Home No Bet market works in the exact same way as the Away No Bet market. The difference, however, is that your stake is returned to you by the sportsbook if the home team wins.

2way Special

In the 2way Special market, a punter has to pick between two options. Team A either to win or team B to win. If the game ends in a draw, the punter receives back their stake. It’s important to keep in mind that the odds in the 2way Special market are relatively low in comparison to the Win-Draw-Win market.

Handicap Betting

Very useful when there is a clear favourite and clear underdog. The market itself works very much in the same way as the Win-Draw-Win market but the difference is that in this market you have to choose a handicap, which is an imaginary goal you give to the underdog before a game. Suppose Manchester City are playing Bristol City, the 3way odds for Manchester City will be low but if you give Bristol City a 0:1 handicap they significantly increase. In this instance, if Manchester City wins the match by 2 goals to nil, your ticket wins as it will conclude 2-1 courtesy of the 1 imaginary goal you gave Bristol City, however, if it ends 2-1 in favour of Manchester City then you lose as the score on your ticket will be 2-2.


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