Top mobile phones for gaming

Top mobile phones for gaming

Phones have come a long way over the years. Once designed solely for placing calls, they now are essentially pocket sized computers. Gaming is one of the top uses for mobile phones. In 2016, the best mobile phones will need to accommodate simple casino games like blackjack or high end graphic games like Call of Duty.


The display is a sizable 5.6” and the phone comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa-Core 2.9 GHz processor which makes it possible to play even the most demanding mobile games. Internal memory can be expanded which allows the phone to grow with game developments.

iPhone 7

While this phone has not been officially released, it promises to be the best gaming phone yet created by Apple. This phone will have a faster processer than the previous iPhone as well as two screen size options and edge to edge display.

HTC One M10

Like the other models, the M10 also comes with a zippy processor along with 4 GB of RAM which reduces the chance of lagging, perfect for those who play mobile pokies on sites like With the M10, batteries can be charged wirelessly so never worry about being in an intense poker game only to have your phone die.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Its predecessor, the S6, was heralded as a top gaming phone. The S7 is destined to surpass it with its updated technology. Using 4 GB of RAM, gamers need not worry about their screens freezing. The phone also is one of the first to be designed with waterproof technology.

Motorola Droid Turbo

This phone by Motorola meets the screen size expectations with a 5.2 inch display screen. While it’s RAM is less than some of the others phones, coming in at 3 GB, it is still appropriate for gaming.

When comparing the five models, the Galaxy S7 would be the top phone for gaming. Its hardware is designed to run today’s games along with future titles. Its unique innovations like waterproof technology push it to the forefront.


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