Trading apps continue to trend toward functionality and security

Trading apps continue to trend toward functionality and security

Trading applications are becoming more versatile and will continue to experience innovation. The move toward mobile is continuing to trend higher, as more and more people are trading on the go. Safety and security are of tantamount importance as investors remain concerned following hacks of some of the largest global companies that continue to make headlines.  Another trend is to provide a mobile trading application that is like a browser or platform app.  Brokers continue to innovate and try to provide charting as well as technical analysis on their platforms.

Safety and Security Drive Mobile Trends

Safety and security continue to be one of the top priorities of mobile trading apps. Multi-functional security procedures are becoming necessary.  Some companies are focused on either your finger print or your retina to allow you to log on to your mobile or browser app.  In addition to requiring a log on and a password, the trend is to require that you also use your fingerprint to generate a second confirmation that you are who you say you are. Many brokers also have you input your mobile phone number which is used as a confirmation mechanism. You might be sent a code via text that you need to enter in the app to gain access. The combination of text, fingerprint and retina technology should continue to drive safety and security within the mobile space.

More Functionality Continues to Trend

Brokers are offering additional functionality on their trading platform apps, to drive traffic and enhance mobile trading. Many mobile applications now have access to charts and graphs where traders can use technical analysis while on the go. The app is moving away from just a convenient way to see real-time prices and now a device that can be used to enable trading decisions.  In addition to charts, mobile apps offer real-time news and lightning fast trading execution which allows an all-in-one trading service. Additionally, most mobile apps now offer clients the capability to deposit and withdraw capital on their mobile app. So, if you need to make a margin call or just want to add additional capital to make a trade, your mobile app can do it all. Price alerts are also a feature that continue to drive the popularity of mobile applications.

Traders can receive a signal that a price level has been reached or a technical indicator showing that a buy or sell action has been created. This can be from their trading app or an external application. This has historically been a function that was only available on a desk top and now can be created on a mobile trading application. Price alerts also come in the form of tweets via twitter and social media applications such as stock tweets.  A mobile device has become an all-in-one trading platform allowing traders to gather information from many sources before they make a trade. The trend in mobile trading apps, continues to point to higher levels of volume on mobile trading applications with more robust security and greater functionality.





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