Unboxing and Setting up the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Unboxing and Setting up the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge




This is a guide on how you are going to be unboxing and setting up the long awaited Galaxy S6. In the box, you have a cable and your charger, as well as a little sim removal tool and lastly, you get some ear buds.


Now, go ahead and start the set up. You may or may not have already had your SIM card installed, when you got to keep our data package. If it wasn’t installed, then all you need is the sim removal tool that came with your phone, inserted into the hole on the right side of your phone, the trail reject poetry out. Now just take your SIM card and place it on top of the trail, cannot lock into place just like that and then simply slide it back in and you’re good to go. Now, we can go ahead and get the setup.


Before, using the phone you may want to in and you’re good to go. Now, we can go ahead and get the setup. Before, using the phone you may want to take a quick look at the headphones. Another difference is that, the speakers go deeper into your ear to direct the sound better. Then lastly, there is a second speaker toward the back, but which you are assuming is a larger speaker for bass. Overall, the sound quality is pretty good. Sensing ear buds, just sound a bit muddy in comparison. However, if you’re used to using the ten dollar ear buds, you’ll be quite impressed with these, but if your current ear buds cost one hundred dollars, you will probably be better off keeping the same ear buds in the box. Now, the SIM card is in.


Start by turning on your Galaxy S6. If it starts, you’ll be prompted to connect to a Wi-Fi network, if you have one nearby. If you don’t have a big data plan, users highly recommend that you connect to a wireless network at the point because, some method am about to show you will automatically install all the apps from your previous Android device. You definitely don’t want to accidentally start the download without being connected to Wi-Fi, when you may end up with extra day charges on your phone plan. The big screen, is a User Agreement, basically saying that you agree not to use the Galaxy S6 for legal purposes and that Samsung is not liable for anything. There’s also a checkbox there that asks if you want to send usage data to Samsung that they can make their absent products better. Some users decided not to, but you can do whatever you
want. Next is to tap agree, then follow and check your connection and look for software updates. Since the is a brand new phone, there won’t be any updates.

Here’s the most important step, it’s called tapping go and it’s a brand new feature that’s built right into Android lollipop. All you have to do is tap an nfc-enabled Android phone to the back for Galaxy 6 and all the accounts, maps and data for those apps from the old phone, will be automatically transferred into your Galaxy S6. A quick side note on NFC, for those who are relatively new to Android. NFC stands for, Near Field Communication and as a way for Android phones to connect to each other just by touching their back together. To enable it on your smartphone, go to settings, NFC and tap the label. To enable, you just have to back up your current Android phone to your new Galaxy S6 .Want to get back together you get a notification on your old Android phone asking if you’d like to copy your accounts and data to the new phone. Tap OK, to start the process. When you tap okay, you can set the old Android phone to the side, after that you’ll be prompted on your Galaxy S6 to enter the password, for all the copy counts. When you enter your password you will be asked, to set up Google location services, the first option here is used for things like GPS and auto tagging photos.

The second check box, is to allow apps to use wireless network to help improve the accuracy of your location even if you have Wi-Fi turned off. The last check boxes help Google improve their services by automatically sending Google information, about how you use the location services as well as turning any error logs if any location services crash. That what is needed to use any features on the Galaxy S6 so you can turn it off.
What you type next in your Galaxy S6, will start copying all of your account, absent map, data from your old Android phone and don’t worry about losing any data on your old phone. the process will not delete or modify any of the account apps or data from your old Android phone, the just copies those things to your new phone. Another important thing to note is that, the won’t transfer any of your messages, music or photos. the is strictly for accounts apps and data This is in the event anyone might steal your phone from being able to factory reset your device, to bypass the lock screen. Once factory resets the phone, they won’t be able to set up without your Samsung Account ID and password which makes the phone, completely useless to them. This will not be a problem for you though because you can just enter your sensor account info and be on
your merry way to reset your phone. After that you’ll be asked to enter any email accounts. You shouldn’t have to worry about that, though because everything should have transferred with the Tappan go feature.

Next up is the wake up command, the will allow you to say a custom you could command, like a galaxy or okay Samsung, to control your phone with just your voice or add your fingerprint, this is one of the most exciting new features on the Galaxy S6, because Samsung finally moved away from the swipes, to fingerprint reader and now uses a touch fingerprint reader like the iPhone. When adding your fingerprint, make sure you use all the parts your fingers to your entire fingerprint gets mapped. This will significantly increase the accuracy of the fingerprint reader. Once you finish, eighty percent the mapping you ask this can lead to preview fingerprint to further improve the accuracy of the fingerprint reader. After that, you just need to enter a backup password just in case you lose your finger or you ever need someone else to unlock your phone for you. Now just tap OK to enable the fingerprint unlock and you’re good to go. Last step, to setting up your Galaxy S6 will be any carrier specific things. In my case with AT&T, it’s a feature called locker which is basically like teasers. That’s it all your accounts have been transferred, your Galaxy S6 and adaptive already started downloading. If you go to apps or you see the app starting to populate as a downloading, if you pull down the notification shade, you see the apps that are currently being installed or updated. At the point, you can start using your phone to do whatever you’d like. Gap to just keep downloading in the background. So there you have it a quick unboxing and the fastest way to set up your Galaxy S6.


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