Various Ways to Speed up Android Browsing

Various Ways to Speed up Android Browsing

Suppose you have an urgent meeting with your client tomorrow morning at eight and it’s already ten in the night the previous day and you need to prepare a short presentation. Actually, all of us prepare our assignments the night or day before its submission. However, you have a good smartphone in your hand with a UPS, fully charged, that would handle your router for about an hour or two and you need to fetch a lot of information from the web. However, the browser in your smartphone takes up more than tolerable to load Bing. What next?
Well, here are a few tips to save you guys from this kind of situation which always arrives without music. They say Android hardly gets infected by malware but again, Android systems may run like a bullock cart at some times. This article is for those who want to improve their browsing experience in Android. Stay tuned and let us know in the comments below if you have something to say:

1. Use Google Chrome*
Did you see the asterisk above? No one will stop you from using Google Chrome but some conditions do apply while using the popular web browser by Google. You need to take care of a few things like clearing the cookies regularly, increasing the RAM used by Chrome and disabling flash and java scripts. Many of us are having issues with Chrome so you had better find another browser that uses less resources.


2. Heard about UC Browser?
UC browser increases your download speed by certain limit. For instance, if your connection normally downloads at 20 Kbps then UC will add an extra 5 Kbps above the normal bandwidth. A watched pot never boils so you should not watch anything downloading. If you need to download some software and videos, then UC browser is waiting for you at the Play Store.


3. Update and Reset Your Phone
Many of you may be sick of updates but in point, updates are meant for fixing problems with your system. Browsers available today in the Play Store are optimized for the latest Android Versions and thus, they seem to run slow in older versions of the operating system. In this case, updating your firmware would also help increasing your overall experience including browsing. The other best way to speed up is to reset your device. Be careful while doing these because they might erase data in your phone.


4. Don’t Love Automatic Updates/Uploads Too Much
This is again simple but an important fix for slow browsing experience. While you are browsing, Play Store might download updates for various applications if you have turned on automatic update. Again, if you are using One Drive in your phone and have turned on automatic upload, your speed will be completely used. And when you try to open a page in your browser, the loader only keeps rotating and rotating that you might feel unconscious if you will continuously gaze at that. Therefore, it is better to turn off automatic updates and uploads so that they won’t take away your speed.


5. Keep On Experimenting Until You Find the Best Browser for Yourself
Don’t get hooked up with same browser all the time. You can download a number of browser available in the Play Store and check which one works faster. You should not listen to anyone else because you need to find the best browser for your phone. Your friend might say that Firefox is much faster in Android but it might not work properly on yours. But experiment these browsers right when you are free because searching for a faster web browser a night before presentation is just crazy.



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