What are The Best Ways to Drive Traffic to the Landing Page?

What are The Best Ways to Drive Traffic to the Landing Page?

Landing pages on a website are good for collecting information from visitors through a form. Each of the different pieces of information on the page must encourage users to fill out details in the form. A landing page is dedicated to this kind of function only. Otherwise, it doesn’t qualify to be called one. For it to be effective, experts say that it should present information on a specific offer and guide the user to take action. It all starts with building the landing page but there are other things to do: planning, coming up with a design and optimizing it. To make all these efforts fruitful, it is important to drive traffic to your landing page. Here are several strategies that can be applied to make this happen:

1.Calls-to-Action on the Blog

Blog posts are most certainly the ones that are ranking in the search engine results and what is often getting shared on social media sites. Having a call-to-action pointing to an applicable offer must be included on each of your blog posts. With smart content on your website, it will also be possible to have calls-to-action that are personalized to live on the blog and also cycle through based on the actual visitor. This approach can be a great way to boost traffic from the main site to all your landing pages.

2.Have a call-to-action on the Homepage

Instead of including a form on a homepage that is already busy, making use of a call-to-action pointing to one of your great offers can steer new visitors quickly to the goal.

3.Traffic Through Email Marketing

As you send emails to existing leads, it is also advisable to include clicks in email messages to the targeted landing page and not on the home page. These leads are qualified already and need not be persuaded further for conversion. Blog posts can also be sent with calls-to-action linked to them especially those targeting individuals, which make them more certain to click on them.

 4.Popular Pages’ Calls-to-Action

Your popular pages could be a blog post, an article or an information page on your site. With the many hits coming to these pages, they can be used for double benefits where they calls-to-actions can be placed to any applicable offer and convert the oncoming visitors.

5.Sharing on Social Media

Your offers can also be shared out as a link to the landing page containing a targeted message to reach to your fans, followers and friends. Should the offer be good, then there is a chance that it will be shared by your target audience further increasing your reach. It can be tempting to keep posting on every social media platform all the time. However, see what offers are most suited to certain social media platforms. This is good for increasing leads and engagement. For example, an eBook about the type of editors wanted in academic circles might do well on LinkedIn whereas design plans could be most suited on Pinterest.

6.Write Great Calls-to-Action

Calls-to-action placed in emails, blog posts and social media are important in driving traffic to landing pages. To get the best out of this, they should be compelling enough in the way in which they are written and designed. Therefore, it is important to keep tweaking your content right from the headlines, the colour of the buttons you are using and take note of everything that works well with your audience.

7.Landing Pages on Facebook

Landing pages on Facebook assist in funnelling your visitors on social media back to your site and to the offers you are making. When an offer is presented on Facebook, send visitors to your targeted landing page instead of pointing them to the home page in order to capture the leads. If you offer something that specifically matches another that a visitor clicked on from Facebook, there is a high chance that they will stick to your page and get converted unlike if they were referred to the homepage without any direction.

8.Using Guest Posts

Make sure you spread the word about the offers you are making. Writing a guest post on other blog sites reaching the same target audience is very helpful. The idea is not to make the guest post entirely about what you are offering. That will make your post vague and boring. Instead, you should provide meaningful content and carefully craft a great call-to-action that will send many leads to your site that could otherwise not have been attained.

9.Use a Thank You Page

Once an individual has completed a certain offer, it is recommended to have a Thank You Page along with a suggestion of at least another offer that a person would like. It is not a must for them to be landing pages.  Linking back to informational posts that connect with the persona of the visitor will keep your brand in their minds as you continue taking care of that relationship. The same can be done through a follow-up email.

10.Take Care Of Current Leads

Keep sending personalized messages that are customized to the lead’s point in your cycle of sales. This helps in gradually developing relationships that enhance your credibility. When you engage this mode, less time will be spent in closing deals once they are ready for conversion.

Final Thoughts

A landing page is a great tool to help you boost your rankings and at the same time to solidify your brand identification. However, their effectiveness is measured by how much they can attract traffic to your site. This is a trick that needs mastering and therefore, you must tackle this aspect of digital marketing through a number of ways. Landing pages are used to attract visitors to a specific service or product and trigger their attention and desired action. To drive traffic and make conversions from the flowing traffic, the landing page must itself be well designed and planned with great content. Discussed in here are the best ways to boost traffic to the landing page.


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