What and How to do Guest Posting and its Advantages

What and How to do Guest Posting and its Advantages

Guest Posting and its Advantages

The inventions and advancements in the field of computer have given us many advantages. The invention of internet added to its colors. It has changed the world into a global village. People all over the world are like a community on internet. One of the greatest benefits of the internet is the online jobs. These are of various kinds. All the jobs are being done from people across the world. One of the most important jobs that are very common now a day is blogging.


A blog is a discussion in an informal style updated on regular basis. Now a day it is very commonly used term. A person who writes or posts blogs is called a blogger. Blogging is an art but not so difficult to learn, you can learn here how to start a blog.

Guest Posting or Blogging

It is a method of posting blogs to another bloggers’ blogs. In other words when we write a blog and want it to be published on another blogger’s blog to increase traffic. This method of blogging is disliked by Google to a great extent. It usually takes place in two ways.

  • You write a blog and post on other blogger’s blog.
  • Others write a blog and post it on yours blog.

How to Do Guest Blogging / Posting

There are no hard and fast rules for blogging. It also takes place in two ways. It starts with the idea and ends at posting. To do blogging first of all assess your writing power, and after ascertaining that you can write, start writing it. Then search for blogging websites and if found start writing blog on some unique topic. Your key words should be strong enough to catch the attention of the reader. After that, send a pitch email describing about your writing, usually new ideas. If the website accepts it you are done.

Benefits of Guest Posting / Blogging

There are many benefits of guest blogging or posting. Some of these are:

  1. Establish Authority
  2. Improves Links
  3. Makes Writing Experts
  4. Better Social Media Relationships
  5. Increases Popularity and Credibility
  6. New Business Opportunities
  7. Exposure and Brand Awareness
  8. Quality Traffic

Establish Authority

The first benefit of guest posting is that it helps the website to establish its authority on the subject. The requirement is only the quality of blog. The search giants love those websites that publish authentic blogs.

Improves Links

The next advantage of guest posting is the improvement in links. Here once again quality of your blog counts. If you post a quality blog on a website it will increase your links. The more the back links; the higher will be the ranking of your post. For more back links you should include your blog’s link. Here the key words are also very important. Insert the key words in such a way that your blog post remain at the top.

Makes Writing Expert

Another good benefit of guest posting is that it makes you writing expert. A quality website will accept your blog if it is written in quality language and the content is also unique. Thus, in a try to impress the website we write quality writing and become a writing expert. This does not come through magic and it needs experience. It is advisory to start writing small blogs and after expertise write the big ones.

Better Social Media Relationships

Guest posting is also beneficial for improving the social media relationships. If you submit quality blogs to some blogger’s post, the audience of that blogger will also read your blog and in common section will interact with you. This interaction with audience will increase your relationships. It also takes time, therefore, be consistent in your activities.

Increase Popularity and Credibility

If you are a good writer then this blog posting also increases your popularity and credibility. When you post your blog on bigger platform, you are actually increasing your credibility and making your portfolio. This portfolio and popularity tends to increase your links and the end result is greater traffic and higher ranking.

New Business Opportunities

Guest posting is a good source of discovering new business opportunities. The quality of your blog will invite readers and it will improve the business and also new opportunities will be found when your links develop.

Exposure and Brand Awareness

Guest posting not only earns us money but also gives us awareness about some issues that directly affects our real life. The writer exposes himself to the audience and increases his worth. Guest posting also gives us opportunity to meet the right people for right jobs. More people get awareness about your brand and it benefits the business.

Quality Traffic

Guest posting also increases the quality posting to a bloggers’ website. As Google does not allow the substandard links, therefore, the quality traffic arrives to your post. It also requires the quality written blog.

In short, we can conclude that guest posting is of much advantage both for an individual and also for business. Its benefits are both financial and also social.






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