What Is a UK Company Registration Number?

What Is a UK Company Registration Number?

A company house number is the company registration number (CRN) of a company in the United Kingdom. It classifies the companies and confirms that the company is a registered entity at Companies’ House. 

A VAT registration number is a unique number issued as a valid VAT identification number for a registered VAT company. The VAT identification numbers are valid for the country in which these numbers were issued and are subject to the same data protection rules as all other business registration numbers. When a company is registered to pay VAT, it must comply with the VAT laws of the countries where it is issued. Sellers do not have to charge VAT to other VAT registered companies, which can recover the tax from HMRC. However, if a VAT identification number is not valid as a VAT identification number, a country may give a different number to its affiliate, depending on local data protection regulations. 

You must register your company name with Companies House by first checking whether other companies have already registered the same or a similar name. The official email sent by the company’s house includes the company number, the name of the accountant and the name of the company that helped you start the business with your initials. If you have changed the official name of the company, you will find the registration numbers on the official website. CRNs are also found on their foundation certificates, which are printed on a number of different types of documents such as business registration certificates and tax returns. 

A company’s registration number (CRN) is located in an area that is part of the United Kingdom. A CRNs will be an independent legal entity doing business in the UK, such as a bank, insurance company, financial services company or any other business. 

The specific format of a company’s registration number depends on the corporate structure the company follows. In the UK, a CRN is always eight characters and is a unique combination of numbers and letters. Although it is also known as a registered company number, the most common abbreviation is “CRN.” Sometimes it is also referred to as a “company number” or “registration number.” 

Companies registered in England and Wales have a special reference number on their registration number to distinguish them from their English counterparts. Limited liability companies established in either England or Wales but registered outside both countries will receive the CRN with the prefix “SC,” while Scottish limited liability companies and companies registered in Scotland will all start with a digit beginning with an SC. However, companies registered in Wales can replace the word “Limited Ltd” with “cyfngedig” (cyf) or “cyf.” For example, companies registered outside Scotland can have their CRNs start at zero, while companies registered in both England and Wales can have eight-digit numbers. 

This letter is used for companies registered as Limited Liability Partnership and therefore registered in England and Wales after their establishment. Consequently, after its establishment, the company will be registered in Wales and will be a limited company under the same name as its parent company in Scotland, but registered outside Scotland. 

The company registration number is also commonly referred to as the company number and often abbreviated as CRN, but it is much less common to refer to the address of the company, the address of its parent company (also referred to as “house”). It consists of eight numbers for public limited companies registered in England and Wales and can also refer to a house number. The Companies’ Registration Number is simply abbreviated as “CRN” and is one of the most common forms of company registration number in the UK. 

This is a computer-generated number, which is sequential in nature depending on the country. The company registration number (CRN) is one of the following 6 numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. To obtain a business register for any type of business, you must be in possession of a number of computer generated numbers that are naturally sequential, depending on the country. 

Most importantly, your company must provide a Company Registration Number (CRN) for every interaction with Companies House. You need a company registration number for various occasions and it is very important that you keep this number for future use. There are numerous times when you need to have your company registration number at hand, as there are every time you want to make changes to the information stored in the company’s home, but most importantly, if you pass it on to the company’s home or HMRC when you are dealing with registration or taxes, you also need to make sure that your CRN is displayed in a number of different places, including invoices, receipts, emails and websites. 

HMRC has a full database of VAT registered companies and if you have any doubt about your registration number, call its helpline on 0300 200 3700. Finding your company’s registration numbers is much easier and we would be happy to help you find your CRN. Please contact us using the above methods. If you are not able to search for this data, you can check the registration numbers of companies on Reporting Accounts and see for yourself. 


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