What Makes Them Different? Apple vs Android Wearable Devices

What Makes Them Different? Apple vs Android Wearable Devices

The wearable technology is being grabbing the market quickly over the past few years, there are many companies are looking for new ways to introduce their wearable devices to make the tech less disturbing. Here’s you know the two big operating systems Android and iOS are being working on their wearable devices to make them more interesting and user friendly.

The both Android Wear and Apple’s Watch OS, offer variety of notifications to the users on their wrist. The new wearable devices will help you to save your time and effort to pull your phone from your pocket.

Now the Google is urging the users to strap their OS on the wrist, the new evolution of Google’s personal assistant, going give a tough competition to the Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana.

The new wearable OS comes with the name of Google Now, which is not necessarily a bad thing, it has other personal helpers is that it is distant more graphical than the other company’s OS. Google Now is fundamentally a center for all of a user’s info for that specific daytime. Revolving that into a watch boundary not only makes the material on a user’s wrist pertinent, but it is also a way to distinguish it from Google OS, making it not just a handset impoverished to the wrist.

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The Apple Watch, seems to have some different features. While the term is feasibly not “disturbing,” the goal of the Apple’s iWatch does not appear to be as abundant about receiving expertise out of the method. Actually, an Apple iWatch is much considerable about style, which shows off and about status. It’s a diverse method of approaching promotions to make their devices popular.

As usual the Apple’s iWatch provide a great interface to browse through iOS apps. Apple is trying to give a perfect user interface to the users that users are experiencing on their other devices. They are looking to give a great using experience focusing to strapping an iWatch on the wrist just like strapping an iPhone.

Google Now is also trying to pull information from the handy device like essential emails, calendars events and planning travels. These features of Android wearable make the devices different from Apple iWatches. However, both devices are having their own exclusive features that are not available in any other device and these features are making the devices different from each other.

Samsung is one of the biggest dealer of Android OS and they are also stepping in the Android wearable with some extra ordinary features, here’s you know some of the best wearable gadgets that will keep you in touch with your smartphone or tablet. As discussed Apple is also in the list and they are also trying to grab the wearable market, here’s some of the Apple’s upcoming gadgets.


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