Why Runescape Is The Hottest Game Online

Why Runescape Is The Hottest Game Online

Runescape a product of Jagex is one of those MMORPG games that would be classified in the category of a genre. The parent company has spent almost two decades refining the game to what it is today. Even the super hardcore gamers would attest to the fact that they have never had an experience like this before. In simple terms, runescape is a billion dollar game with a global fan base and has won several world records as if that’s all the tremendous content in the game means you can quite literally play the game for years.

Runescape was developed back in 2001 when the gaming industry was still figuring out what an MMORPG means. At that time runescape had its competitors like Ultima Online however, runescape had a cutting edge of being the first game to be played on a browser. Over the years, runescape has evolved massively creating a lot of dynamism and introduction of new features that have kept the fans entertained.

How to play

Once you have signed up in the runescape gaming platform, you are ready to start playing. Go through the brief tutorial then create your character and there you go. The best thing about runescape is that you are free to do anything. You can pick a quest, skill or objective and work towards achieving it. As a new player this can be intimidating but don’t worry there are tons of tutorialsand videos on the web for you to use as your guides. Runescape has a mobile version for their fans who prefer to play games on their mobile phones. Keep in mind that the mobile version of runescape is different from the PC version however the fun is all the same. If you are the kind that buys runescape items from third parties then you can also buy runescape gold on mobile. It is easy, all you need to look for probemas on the web.

Runescape on mobile

Runescape on mobile is pretty much the same as it is on PC however you will find the experience different. This is because when using a smaller device some features will be disabled to suite the mobile platform. It will also be hard for you if you have fat fingers on a smaller device. The speed of the game remains pretty much the same regardless of the device that you use. The best part about the mobile version of the game is that you can play it on the go. Whenever you have a break in your busy schedule, you can get lost in the rabbit hole of runescape.

In conclusion, the developers of runescape will be go down in history as the revolutionist of the gaming industry. From the time. Today playing games seamlessly on cross-platforms has become the norm of the day. We live in a world where you are able to enjoy your favorite game from anywhere you want at any time without having to download unnecessary apps.



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