Why Samsung Galaxy S6 is the Best Tech Release of 2015 So far

Why Samsung Galaxy S6 is the Best Tech Release of 2015 So far

Android Lollipop the latest Google’s OS with bundle of new and user friendly features that make your work easier. I like it’s feature to have gust mode and you will also enjoy it when you share your brand new Galaxy S6 with friends but maintain your secrecy as it is. There several other business and user friendly features will help the new android users to use their phone with no worries.

samsung galaxy s6

Samsung got the Android 5.0 the latest notification scheme, but still using the ordinary silent mode.

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The booting system of Samsung Galaxy S6 is much less annoying as compared to other android devices. Things like high screen sensitivity, toolbox, one-handed mode, Air View, and some more are gone. These unnecessary features were making their previous devices slower and take time while booting.

Galaxy S6

The Samsung’s Galaxy S series is smarter, slim and stylish and offers one day battery life, the same way new S6 comes with the one day battery life with heavier usage including messaging, WiFi connected, calls, login into accounts and some other work load throughout the day. However, the regular users would miss the removable battery in Galaxy S6.

If you are a lover to snap with your phone the mixture of OIS technology and the wider aperture lens helps you to take excellent photos. The 16MP camera with HD resolution is best to take high definition photos with different mods and make 1080p videos.

When it comes to display Samsung always try to bring something new this time S6 comes with fantastic AMOLED panels with HD 5.1-inch screen but the resolution has been boosted to 2560×1440. Once again Samsung added several display modes like basic, photo, cinema, and adaptive that will adjust the brightness as per your needs.

samsung galaxy S6 camera

This year Samsung killed several unnecessary things from the new Galaxy S6, as picking up the phone is getting easier as you feel substantial without being heavy. The phone has less weight than the Galaxy S5 with more svelte design along with the non-removable smaller battery.

There’s only one single physical button to use on the front and other two ‘back’ and ‘menu’ buttons touch enable. On the other hand if you are going to lower the volume you may go the left side of phone to do the same.

If we talk about the body, you will see the zero gaps between the glass and metal body that would be extremely inspiring for the users which make it dust free. The non-removable back panel makes the phone dust free even I think this feature prevent the phone from water during slight rain.

  • Design 9/10
  • Hardware 9/10
  • Software 8/10
  • Performance 8/10
  • Battery 7/10
  • Camera 9/10

The above shared features make the phone something extra from previously released Samsung devices with more resolution screen, HD camera, non-removable battery and the most latest Android OS so why it would not be your favorite android device for 2015.


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