Why You Should Go For An Amazon PPC Campaign In 2021

Why You Should Go For An Amazon PPC Campaign In 2021

Amazon buy box, choice badge as well as BSR rank depends on several factors but primarily on how best a product is being sold. The selling however depends on two factors when it comes to selling on Amazon. The SEO and marketing derive the sales for sellers on this platform. Amazon SEO can be taken as a free or organic promotion but pay per click is a kind of marketing that buys visibility for a seller. One can take multiple options into the account but PPC is a sure shortcut. It offers direct visibility to a product that is not sold even once on Amazon. A seller can buy ads using the best PPC strategy for its business. This Amazon PPC guide will help you decide on which specific ad will serve the purpose. At the end of this article, you will be able to understand what works best for a specific business.

Visibility is directly proportional to the reach which is vital to engage buyers. A buyer may not be able to see your offers if you are unable to reach him. Amazon SEO is one way to reach potential buyers but it cannot guarantee 100% reach for every new item you add to product listings of your account. This is why buying ads can prove useful for your products. It will productively bring your products to the limelight. Your items start appearing in the organic searches when you go with a PPC campaign.

8 Reasons Why Amazon PPC Is Vital For Sellers

Amazon pay per click works very much like Google ads. It uniquely serves sellers and can prove productive in the following ways.

  1. Enhances reach

Millions of customers are searching for items on Amazon but one cannot just reach everyone with mere SEO strategies. Buying a PPC ad slot will ensure visibility for a specific period. One can reach multiple people by using paid ads. It gets easier to enhance reach and visibility with these paid ads.

  1. Boost sales

Reaching potential buyers consistently means nothing but more sales. One can boost sales by bringing customers to one’s listings through PPC ads. A buyer is very likely to visit an ad if it is offering something valuable as compared to the product being shown by the organic search results.

  1. Seasonal campaigns

PPC ads are not only meant to enhance reach in general but can also be used to run seasonal campaigns. One can run successful seasonal campaigns to makes discounted offers and run promotional campaigns.

  1. Promote new products

Amazon is very likely to show the best-selling product in the organic search results but it is less likely to show a new product in the search results. This is where a seller can use the PPC ads to promote its new products. Once it starts selling it will make its way to success.

  1. To protect top positions

Some products or at least one top product sell superfluously on Amazon. It is likely to get good prime badges and other good emblems. But increasing competition can take these products behind the scenes. This is when launching a PPC campaign for such a product can save its position.

  1. To direct traffic for short campaigns

Some sellers are used to make short-time offers to promote their stores. These are called limited-time offers as the special price is offered during that period. All such promotions aim is to reach more customers and promote products in a quick time. But it is simply impossible to spread the word through normal ways. This is where a pay-per-click ad campaign can bring desired traffic to your store during that short promotional span.

  1. To create awareness

Sometimes a seller just wants to create awareness about the specific features of a product. It may be offering something wonderful but that cannot just be conveyed to the potential buyers by sitting idle for years. One cannot of course cash a good feature without creating awareness about it. This is where a pay-per-click campaign can work. It can create awareness in a quick time.

  1. To improve organic ranking

Selling more of your products on Amazon means a lot for sellers. A product is very likely to appear in the organic search results if it is best-selling in a specific category. The pay-per-click campaigns thus not only work for the present but also the future marketing.

Who is Amazon PPC for?

Amazon PPC works for sellers as well as vendors. Although vendors have no direct business to do on the platform as Amazon books, stores and, sells items after getting the bulk from the vendors. But still, vendors can do the promotions to make their items move down to the end-users in quick time. The profits can certainly be enhanced with the use of multiple ad types available for vendors looking to market on Amazon.

Sellers on the other hand have to sell on their own. Sometimes they have to work all the way through to the end. This is what happens when they like to do fulfillment on their own. But besides shipment, they have to compete continuously with the competitors. This is where PPC remains the only hope for them. You can consult Olifant Digital if you are looking to get more details on how PPC campaigns work for the sellers.

What are Amazon PPC Ad types?

Amazon has multiple offers for entities looking to buy pay per-click-ads. There are three main options available for the sellers looking to market through pay per click.

  • Sponsored products
  • Sponsored brands
  • Sponsored display ads

Sponsored products are used to gain more reach and visibility for the products. It serves to sell more of your products. While sponsored brand ads are good for brand awareness and positions. Sellers can brand their items with such ads. The sponsored display ads on the other hand are used to pursue and follow up visitors who have already shown interest in your products but have not bought anything before.


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