Yikes! You Deleted Your Messages! Here’s What to Do to Recover ‘Em Easy…

Yikes! You Deleted Your Messages! Here’s What to Do to Recover ‘Em Easy…

Before you read the steps mentioned below to recover messages in your Android phone, how about you imagine a situation, which might stash the steps in your brain forever? Well, your girl texted you last night for inviting you to a party today somewhere out there in town. But you are a guy whose phone lags a lot and you have to restore your crap twice a day to get it working. So as usual, you cleared up the message you received from your strict girl yesterday itself while restoring your phone and today, it’s about time you had left for the party but you don’t even know where the hell you were invited. And yeah, your girl is already 30 minutes into waiting for you and on the other hand, you are in your house fixing your same old crap. The next day will probably give you a blow as you will break up.

So to prevent yourself from this kind of situations, you must know how to recover the text you received on your Android. There are mainly two apps that are designed for saving your everything. However, you are going to learn about Wondershare in here:
1. Head straight to your phone settings and locate the ‘About Phone’ tab. Inside the tab, you will find build number and now, keep on tapping until you end up with a notification that says, ‘Developer Options has been enabled’ (don’t tap like a monkey or something might go wrong and happen out of the blue).
2. Alright, you have enabled developer options and now, it’s time to turn on USB debugging. Move to the ‘Developer Options’ tab in your phone’s menu and turn on what’s mentioned above.
3. When you are done enabling USB debugger, it’s time to connect your phone to your PC (did you upgrade to Windows 10?).
4. Perfect! You are past halfway to recovering your messages. Now, simply download Wondershare.
Point to be noted: Wondershare is not free but luckily, there’s the trial version. So let’s save some bucks and stick with the sample version.
5. Awesome! Just bother to go back and check whether the USB debugger is turned on or not, once and for all. It might get turned off sometimes for no reason (this usually happens with old phones). You are just a step away from getting your strength back to your messages, in fact. Hit the Wondershare icon!
6. Wondershare will take some time identifying your phone. When prompted, allow the application to scan your phone’s memory. Remember that this might take some time because it’s something like going inside a mine and searching for gold. Boom! Now, you will be able to view and edit all those files (scrapped files, too) on your phone. Well, that’s what you have worked hard for. You can easily recover deleted messages by picking ‘Recover’ at the bottom of the program window. Finally, search for your girl’s message and find out where you were invited. Don’t forget to take a rose.

There is also something termed ‘Coolmuster Android SMS+Contacts Recovery’ to do the same job mentioned above. It also works similar to Wondershare and the steps to recovering your messages are almost similar. Therefore, you may choose whichever app you feel like using.
How These Recoverees Work?

All they do is scan your phone’s memory and extract all those files, folders, messages and whatsoever you had stored. These apps can easily ascertain and pull through your deleted stuffs, provided that your phone’s memory has been restored.


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