Binomo Trading App Review

Binomo Trading App Review

Currently, trade in India is growing rapidly. And many traders prefer a number of platforms for trading. The concern of our review is to select a trustworthy place for trading and not a scam. It is equally important that the platform has a convenient and functional mobile application. One such trading application is Binomo. Why and how though? Let’s see together in the Binomo app review.

What is the Binomo app?

Started its operations back in 2014, Binomo is an online trading platform where you can conclude trade deals and get extra income. How? Based on the changes in the exchange rate of currencies and other assets. The platform provides new opportunities for traders from across the globe, including India. 

Since it was founded by Dolphin Corp, Binomo has been the platform that offers its users access to trading tools through a secure and convenient operation service. You are able to use it as wide as 13 languages, and Binomo in Hindi is included of course. 

Is It Fraud or Safe?

It’s every customer’s right to have a doubt about any service that the market is about. And internet trading services are no exceptions. We’re aware of this situation while trying to explain it’s secure obviously. “Is Binomo a fraud or a scam?”,  “Is Binomo real or fake?” are sounding to our ears, trust us. However, we will answer all these questions: “Binomo is real, not a scam.” Let us explain how Binomo is safe. 

Binomo is a legal company in India. And yes, there are several other reasons to trust it. What can one expect as a shred of evidence for trust?  An address to see it from the first eye? Yes, Dolphin Corp, the founder of the Binomo website, has a head office in St Vincent and The Grenadines, where they were formally registered. 

The International Financial Commission also approved Binomo’s trustworthy service by certifying it. The Commission embodies the experts and watches the user if they do have their rights while they are in the fields of trading.

Another certificate that Binomo has is VMT(Verify My Trade).It is indicates the company’s situation as a credible trading platform. 

Besides all these, awards that Binomo was given also states the company’s service and its security. Scripted as “a global prize for excellences in global finance and global economy”, IAIR Award was given to Binomo in 2016. Another one named FE Award was earned by the platform in 2015. Therefore, Binomo invest and trading is a trustworthy platform for trade deals. 

How to Use a Binomo App?

Working with the trading terminal of the Binomo app that can be described as user-friendly, will be not difficult after our explanation. But please be aware of that: If you are thinking that you are going to learn how to “play” Binomo through these passages, it would be wrong. Binomo is a trading platform, not a game. Analytical data and knowledge to trade on it is a must.

and Login

After getting into the app, to start trading, click on the yellow “Sign In” button to register for trading. 

Filling the provided box either with your mail or Facebook/Google account. 

The next step will be setting a strong password that others will not be able to figure out somehow (that step is essential for all kinds of registrations, never forget).

Setting a currency for the account, and accepting the agreement that the app gives will complete this process successfully. But note that the currency that you choose can not be changed later. 


You signed in Binomo, learned how to use it, did the forecasts and earned first extra income. The next step is to withdraw those funds. All you need is a bank card or an e-wallet, which you use to deposit. The withdrawal method must be the same as the payment method with aim of securing the process. 

To withdraw funds, logging into your Binomo account and finding “Balance” on the app menu will be your first steps. Through touching that button, “Withdraw Funds” will be your next move. Typing the amount and choosing the payment method will be your final touches through this easy process.

Note! When withdrawing funds, consider the limit of your payment system and Binomo. It cannot exceed $ 3,000 per day, $ 10,000 per week, and $ 40,000 per month.

Account Types 

Between 4 other different account types, you can choose:


Demo accounts were created for users that want to learn Binomo trading. With a $1000 virtual fund, although not offering any real income, this type of account provides the learning process of trading with that virtual fund.


Offering 40+ assets to trade and bonuses up to 100% for deposit, Standard Account is available for trading through it after a minimum $5 deposit for Indian traders.


Offering 45+ assets to trade and bonus deposit up to 150%, Gold Account is available for trading after a $500 cumulative deposit. Gold Account offers a 5% cashback for those who are having an unproductive trading week, and as a better aspect, a personal account manager will be in the service of the users.


Last, but of course, not least, VIP accounts will be in users’ usage after a $1000 cumulative deposit. When replenishing a deposit, the bonus may be up to 200%. And for that unproductive week, we referred with the Gold Account, 10% cashback is offered by Binomo. And obviously, a personal account manager will be in user service here too and opportunity free risk-deals.

Where to Download The Binomo App?

Google Play is the access point for Android users who like to download the Binomo App. And if the user has an iOS device, App Store it is to install it. Also, the file apk in usage for those Android users who may have any type of issue with the Google Play Store. The link is right here: 


Binomo is offering a trustworthy service for those who would like to get extra income through the world of online trading. Of course, it would be silly not to mention that it is obviously a risky field for everyone. For instance, the risk of the deposit losing, partly or totally, which is a risk that can be experienced on any other platform. However, these risks need to be taken into account. And, Binomo App is offering its legal and trustworthy service in India, and giving it a go is worth it.


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