How to Win Big on Mobile Casinos

How to Win Big on Mobile Casinos

Playing games on mobile phones has become big business and online casinos have expanded their offering to include mobile devices.  Whether it be mobile optimised versions of their website or apps available in the App Store or Google Play, any good online casino will now have a mobile option for their website.

This allows players to play when they are out of the house and some new casinos have been developed purely for mobile devices.  The choice of games on mobile casinos often match that of their desktop counterparts and that means you are spoilt for choice.  However, the question is, how can you win big on mobile casinos?

There are some differences between playing mobile casino games and desktop casino games you must be aware of before starting.  Firstly, when playing mobile casinos, you will be pressing the screen rather than pointing a mouse and clicking the button.  This may seem like an obvious change but some people still get flustered when on a potentially big win and any delay can prove costly.  It is important you are comfortable pressing the screen in the right place when required.

Some mobile casino games will look a little different to how they appear on the computer.  The screen size is obviously a lot smaller and this means some of the graphics you see on a larger screen will not be present.  This can throw some people as the games do not look exactly the same.  Be prepared when you load up your favourite online casino game that it could look a bit different on the smaller screen.

The key to having a good chance of winning big on mobile casinos is knowing the difference between the mobile games and desktop games.  Many mobile casinos will allow you to play the games for free, without betting any money and this is a good way to get used to the new, compact layout of the game.  Become accustomed to tapping the screen and learn where all the key buttons are that you need to press when playing.

Some online casinos will have a special offer specifically for their mobile app.  If you download and add funds using the mobile app, you can claim the offer and this is usually in the form of a matched deposit amount or free spins.  This is a great way to get started when playing on mobile casinos and you can win big by taking advantage of these promotions.

When playing on mobile casinos you need to avoid all distractions.  It is no good trying to play blackjack on your tablet or mobile phone when also talking to someone on a train.  One moment of distraction and you could lose your money.  You must remain focused throughout so if you are sat in a busy environment, put some earphones in to prevent any distractions.

Finally, always ensure you have a reliable internet connection.  You do not want to be involved in a big money mobile casino game only to lose connection at the crucial moment.


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