Sending Bulk SMS all over the world Made Simple with SendPulse

Sending Bulk SMS all over the world Made Simple with SendPulse

SMS has become one of the most important techniques to keep up a good relationship between customers and service provider. After the revolutionary idea of email marketing, SMS has taken the place to engage people with any business. But, it is quite difficult to send a plenty of official SMSs, greetings and offers individually.

To make it simpler, SendPulse has introduced the emerging Bulk SMS, the ultimate time saving SMS marketing service which has the best affordability. The user does not have to send customers individually. The bulk sms system will send the information with an incredible speed.

SendPulse: A Name of Trust for All Kinds of Digital Marketing

SendPulse has done admirable job in digital marketing. It has opened the door for its clients to connect with their respected subscribers. The main services they provide are:

  1. Email Marketing: The Company helps in sending newsletters to the emails reserved in the database. The experts are ready to help with well-formatted marketing email. The increasing popularity of email marketing has played an important role for the company’s success.
  2. Webpush Notification: Send notification to your clients using this service.
  3. SMS: They mostly gives the chance to send bulk sms to a huge number of people in all over the world. It helps in ecommerce, promotion and digital marketing. There is a plenty of effective email outlines and SMS formats are prepared for the customers of SendPulse. Be a part and get all of them cheaply.

What Is The Bulk SMS Service of SendPulse?

In short, bulk sms service is a faster way of sending customized messages to the subscriber’s phone number. Depending on the number of receivers, the time varies. It works remotely. Once the subscriber of SendPulse orders the service, the system will start sending it according to the schedule.

Features: The Unique Way to Reach Millions of People in A Short Time

  1. Universal: SendPulse provides a worldwide bulk sms service. It has the largest network of more than 200 countries. The cellular network has an important role in receiving the messages. That is why, SendPulse has the cellular coverage with almost all the networks of the world. Also, the service includes sending individual messages too. If the user wants to contact with a person or a group, the individual sms service will be the best option. It is much cheaper than the regular price and can be very effective in reaching to a variety of people from the globe.
  1. Quick Service: One of the major feature of SendPulse’s SMS service is the speed. The system uses a cloud-based server. This advanced technology allows the user to complete a pre-ordered list within a short period of time. Generally, the average speed is 200 to 500 SMS per second. So, it can send more than a million SMS in an hour. The possibility of reaching over a million subscriber in an hour is quite remarkable. Nevertheless, the whole process takes a minimum effort for the customer. All he has to do is providing the required message information and the database of the subscribers. After submitting them to SendPulse, the rest of the process is fast enough considering the system. The list of 200 countries that include 800 local cellular networks can be found here.
  1. Automatic Process: It is not mandatory to sit in front of the computer all the time in order to send SMS to clients. The system completes everything under an automatic process. It follows the algorithm and creates a series of tasks. When there is any sort of new command inputted, the system enters into the database and start sending messages without bothering the customer. In short, SendPulse helps their clients by giving a fully automatic SMS sender. Set the schedule and the respected subscribers will get the information in their phones. Sometimes, a problem appears with the different time zones. To solve it, SendPulse has created another part in which you can send the same message automatically in different regions.
  1. A Signature of the Sender:The bulk SMS of SendPulse provides the full information of the user. According to their policy, each sms will contain different coupon code and discount offer if it requires. For example, the online ecommerce sites often announce discount sale or wholesale offers. But not all of the buyers are eligible for taking the offer. This is why, the site needs to send individual coupon code. This is called personalization. By using SendPulse, this will become really simple. Every SMS will contain name, code and offer details. The most interesting fact is that no SMS will be duplicated. So, each buyer from the site can use an individually generated coupon code.


Advantages of Getting Bulk SMS Service from SendPulse

  1. Affordable: The actual rate of SMS is quite high. The company provides a cheap and affordable service. Whoever takes the service, wins!
  2. Reachable: The bulk SMS service is not like emails. More than 70% of the total population uses a phone. The message is received in 200 countries without any hassle. So, if you are going to make a social campaigning in a remote area, this will be a good choice to invite the locals.
  3. Support: The support center of SendPulse is truly amazing. They provide a 24/7 service. The customers can get in touch with the experts from any time zone at any time.
  4. Convenient: SendPulse has appointed skilled persons to help the customers. This is why, it is not required of having prior knowledge on software or programming. The automatic process will be enough for using the Bulk SMS service.
  5. Free Services: When you roll in one service, there is always a chance of getting other services free in SendPulse. For example, webpush notification is free for all the clients.
  6. Tools: The customer is able to use some wonderful tools to observe the outcome from the SMSs. They are;
  • Create Web Forms for subscription
  • Get a statistical analysis for your sent messages. It will provide a full report about the customer.
  • Respond without being present. It will inform you instantly after a successful subscription through the given link or coupon code.


SendPulse is creating a revolutionary trend in the overall digital marketing. Their bulk sms service is much more secure, affordable and usable. The advantages and outcomes are great. There is no doubt that it can boost the business. The features, pricing and company’s reputation are very trustworthy. We can conclude by stating SendPulse’s bulk sms service as an effective digital marketing too.


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