Top 5 Apps To Help Increase Productivity From Your Work Mobile Device

Top 5 Apps To Help Increase Productivity From Your Work Mobile Device

Ever since the first invented smartphone they have become an integral part of our everyday lives. They keep us entertained, connected to friends and family, and have become an increasingly important aspect for work. Often the smartphone is seen as a distraction but when utilized correctly can help increase productivity levels. As an award-winning provider of IT Support companies have been using for years, TechQuarters understands and emphasizes the importance of having high levels of productivity within a business. They have honed their skills and now provide the ideal kind of Managed IT Services businesses rely on to maintain high levels of efficiency. 

Productivity styles and tools may differ between people. That is why it is important to find the apps and tools that best suit you. There are many apps today that can help you find just what you are looking for and that are tailored to help with your every need. Below are the top 5 apps that are suitable for any user looking to be more efficient. 


This is a productivity platform that is best suited for project management. It is one of the best apps on the market. When connected with Hive’s desktop and web applications, the mobile app helps improve work ethic. 

Through the use of Hive employees are able to complete their tasks and check it off a to-do list. They are also able to communicate with one another while ensuring that they are on the same schedules. A key feature of the app is the ability to share files and keep track of projects. This way efficiency is guaranteed as everyone can be held accountable. 

Google Docs

Google is well known by everyone therefore they know that their services can be trusted. Google Docs is just another great innovation through which sharing documents and working together in real time can occur. Productivity levels increase because instead of wasting time saving files and sending them back and forth they are automatically updated as you edit them. The app has produced a way to decrease miscommunication and surplus documents. 


Forest is an amazing invention that was designed to help people who are easily distracted. The app helps people focus by planting a tree on the app. Whenever you need to focus the tree will grow as long as you are not using your phone. Once you exit the app without completing your task the tree dies. This creates a stronger sense of accountability for employees.


Any app with a simple interface is attractive and that is exactly what Toggle brings to the table. Toggle is not just any time-tracking tool because it is user friendly and very instinctive. It is suitable for all types of users and great for business because it helps keep track of how much time is spent on tasks.  


If you are looking for a digital mind mapping tool the MindMeister is the perfect app for you. It is extremely helpful when trying to visualize data, plan projects and run through ideas. The app can be used by a single user or by a team. It has great customization tools while also providing you with a cloud for all your stored data therefore erasing all the stress of remembering to save your work. 

Working from home can be challenging for a lot of people, especially since they are having to work with many different forms of technology that they are not familiar with. But for TechQuarters, working from home has not changed anything, they have continued to deliver outsourced IT support businesses depend on with excellent service. 


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