10 Eye-Opening Email Marketing Stats You Need To Know

10 Eye-Opening Email Marketing Stats You Need To Know

Be prepared to learn more about digital marketing, especially when it comes to its segments separately. What makes an excellent digital marketing campaign an excellent one? The basic answer would be that all of the pieces put together carefully and selectively is what makes an outstanding digital marketing campaign. Therefore, knowing each segment of your campaign, how does it work, what benefits will it bring, and how to improve it, if it’s not doing as good as it should, are some of the things to think about. All digital marketing companies  are suggesting that you should implement every segment of a campaign with a carefully selected approach. Analyze all the data you have, or, ask the agency to do all the work on your behalf.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most significant pieces of the entire marketing puzzle. Any digital agency Dubai that you’ve hired to create you a solid digital marketing campaign will tell you that the best approach to your newly formed marketing campaign is to use email marketing as much as possible. Discover more facts regarding email marketing that you should know about in this article https://www.oberlo.com/blog/email-marketing-statistics.
Digital marketing in the UAE is on a rise because various IT companies have moved to Dubai and the UAE in general to conduct their business. The UAE has become a wanted country by many IT companies because of the tax reductions they offer to the expat companies working within their country. Since numerous digital marketing companies in Dubai are building their way up in the market, you should hire the best one you come across.

  Which 10 Email Marketing Statistics You Should Know Of?

There are many more than ten email marketing stats you should know about, but we’ll provide you with the ten most important ones. Here is the detailed list of all the things you should know when it comes to email marketing.

Business Is Mostly Conducted Via Emails

According to research, around 72% of consumers use email to communicate with their business partners and conduct their business. This fact is not only about sending email throughout the office. Consumers tend to learn more about other companies from which they’re purchasing products so they could perform an informed purchase for themselves.

Your Business Rises Thanks To Emails

Research shows that email marketing undoubtedly drives customers’ retention and acquisition. More than 80% of professional marketers claim this as a fact. There’s no doubt that email marketing has a vital role in the overall marketing campaign.

 Buyers Wish To Hear From You

More than 60% of consumers will tell you that they enjoy receiving weekly and monthly promotional emails from your company. After all, subscribing to your newsletter email list confirms this as a fact. A study reveals that around 38% of consumers would prefer to receive promotional emails more frequently. These facts are something to keep in mind the next time you think that you’ll turn away customers by sending frequent emails. Find out when is the best time to send out your emails by reading this article https://www.mobiletweaks.net/how-to-choose-the-most-ideal-time-to-send-emails/.

  Emails Are Running All Over The Globe

Almost half of the world’s population will be using emails in 2020, research shows. Considering that more than 1.5 billion people don’t even have electricity, these numbers seem even more exceptional. In case you’re conducting your business in one of the developed countries, rest assured that your customers are using emails as well, and you should do the same.

How Many Emails Are Sent Daily Throughout The Planet?

Exactly 205 billion emails are sent out daily, and by the end of the year, this number is expected to rise to almost 250 billion emails per day. Considering how many other communication channels are available, we’ve concluded that email is still the most desirable method of communication today.
Facebook Versus Email

As much as Facebook is considered as an excellent marketing tool, according to Forrester, people will more likely sign up for your email list rather than contacting you through your Facebook page, making email marketing a winner of this competition.

  How To Reach More Mobile Audience?

By knowing that 88% of consumers check their emails via their smartphones, you can rest assured that you’ll reach a majority of the mobile audience with the easiest and most cost-effective methods there is – email marketing.

  How To Obtain Bigger Transaction Rates?

Personalization of emails has shown that chances of making sales through a personalized email are six times higher than the other way around. Imagine that sending a single email can bring sales. It’s true. It’s possible.

  Email ROI Is Amazing

For every 10$ that you invest in email marketing, the average return on investment is 380$. Among numerous other benefits that email marketing brings, this is by far the most important one.

  Create Interactive Emails To Gain Even More Customers

According to digital agency Dubai, engaging your consumers with interactive emails will surely have a great response. Thus, you’ll make more sales. Interactive emails are the way to go forward.


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