5 Things to Do Before Selling Phone

5 Things to Do Before Selling Phone

Now that many of us have upgraded to the iPhone X, its a great time to check out GreenBuyBack and sell your cell phone.  Greenbuyback makes selling your phone quick and simple, hassle free way to sell your cell phone.  Before you send your product in, we do have a few tips of things you should do before selling your phone.

  1. Back up data and settings

You certainly don’t want to lose any information or data.  Make sure to properly back up your current phone.  Its simple for iPhone users, who can just connect to their computer with the cord and use the iTunes to sync the backup process.


  1. Backup Photos and Videos

Photos and videos are probably the most important to you.  Since these to a google drive, dropbox, or whatever other method you may prefer.  Wait to make sure everything has been fully transferred before you head to step three.


  1. Disable accounts

There are a few items that you will want to deactivate, make sure that FaceTime, iMessage, Apple ID and iCloud are all deactivated.  You will be able to do this in the “settings” menu, android users can also go to their settings menu to log out of google accounts.


  1. Wipe that Device

You want to make sure that once you have backed up, that your data is erased from your old device.  While this may sound like a challenging task, its actually pretty easy. Simply go to “settings” then “security” and follow the process to erase.


  1. Factory Reset

This is the final set to make sure that your phone is set and ready to go.  You will want to factory reset your phone by going into the settings menu then clicking “backup and reset” then “factory data reset” if you are an adroid user.  If you are an iPhone user, you will need to check “settings” , go to “general” then “reset” and “erase all content and settings”


You are now ready to sell your phone.  See how much your device is worth at www.greenbuyback.com, and check out today! You will get a competitive offer and quick and easy payment process.  Get cash fast today!




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