Use These 6 Essential iPhone Tricks, And You Won’t Know What You Did Without Them

Use These 6 Essential iPhone Tricks, And You Won’t Know What You Did Without Them

6 Essential iPhone Tricks You Need to Use

Did you know your iPhone serves more of a purpose than texting and checking social media? Here are 6 essential iPhone tricks and hacks to improve your life.

Your phone is almost always with you. But do you know how useful it really is?

iPhones are capable of more than texting, selfies, and checking Facebook. With each new update to iOS, we see more useful features and efficiencies over prior versions of iOS.

iPhone users made up almost 44 percent of all cellphone users in 2015. With that many users, we are sure iPhone use is more than just communication.

To help get more out of your iPhone, here is a quick iOS 11 tutorial for six essential iPhone tricks you need to use.

1. Map It–Indoors and Out

Apple added a few excellent enhancements to the Maps feature in iOS11. You no longer need third-party maps for the best map experience.

Indoor Maps for Airports and Malls

 If you’re a traveler, you’ll love the added indoor maps for many major airports–with more airports on the way.

Search terminals, look for TSA-Pre Check security lines or locate restaurants. Access the maps from anywhere, even if you are not in the airport.

Use the same feature for many major malls. Find a store or the food court before you get there.

Improved Guidance

 While driving, Apple Maps now helps with lane guidance and speed limits.

Or if you prefer fewer turn-by-turn direction, tap “Tap for Overview”. This activates the “Light Guidance” feature and shows the full route to your destination.

2. In an Emergency

We hope you never need this feature. But one of the best iOS 11 tips saves lives.

All new iPhones come with the Emergency SOS feature. Phones upgraded to iOS11 also have this feature. It makes a discreet call to emergency services in case you are in a situation which keeps you from calling 911.

Activate Emergency SOS by pressing the Sleep/Wake button rapidly five times. This brings up a menu on your screen with a slider option for Emergency SOS. Sliding right places an emergency call.

Consider enabling Auto Call to save that last step. This tells your iPhone to automatically call emergency services after you quickly press the Sleep/Wake button five times.

Find the option for Auto Call in the Settings Menu under Emergency SOS.

3. No Hands Needed!

When you are busy with your hands but you hate missing calls, set the “Auto-Answer Calls” feature. iPhone then answers calls for you automatically.

This feature is new with iOS11 and is not found in iOS 10 tricks.

Auto-Answer is handy when you are cooking, cleaning, changing a diaper, or working on your car. There is no need to stop what you are doing and wash your hands to answer the phone.

Tell your iPhone how long to wait before activated Auto-Answer. This gives you time to answer the phone yourself before the Auto-Answer feature kicks in.

This feature also saves an important call from going to voicemail before you can answer it.

4. Customize Your Control Center

Another feature lacking from iOS10 tips is the ability for Control Center customization.

iOS11 allows the flexibility of adding some of your favorite features to the pull-up screen for quick access.

Add the Camera, Wallet, Do Not Disturb While Driving, Alarm, and several other options to standard features like Flashlight, Bluetooth, and Airplane Mode.

Find the customization features under Settings, then Control Center. Tap the add button (or plus sign) next to what you want on your Control Center options.

“Do Not Disturb” Feature

Consider adding the “Do Not Disturb While Driving” feature to your Control Center. Answering a cell phone call or text while driving is a distraction.

Set the “Do Not Disturb While Driving” feature in one of three ways:

  • “Automatically” activates the feature when your iPhone detects driving motion.
  • “When Connected to Bluetooth” begins when your iPhone connects to your car’s Bluetooth
  • Manually turn on this feature with easy access from the Control Center when you get in the car.

When this feature is activated, your iPhone mutes calls and texts until you reach your destination.

5. Scan It

The Notes app in iOS11 is more useful than ever. You no longer need a third-party app to scan and mark documents.

  • Use the built-in Notes app to scan documents on the go.
  • Create a new Note, then tap the “+” button. This gives you the options to Scan Documents, Take Photo or Video, and Add a Sketch.
  • Position your phone over the document then click the button to capture the image. The Notes app allows adjustments to the scan before saving to your Note.
  • Within the Note, edit, mark, or type text onto the Scan. Save the Note or forward it.

This new feature makes capturing, marking, and sending important documents easier than ever.

6. Fix Your Car

Yes, you read that right! Use your iPhone as a diagnostic tool to fix your car.

When you see a warning light in your car, taking it to the dealership without knowing what the light means often results in expensive repairs. Many mechanics charge a diagnostic fee to look at your car.

What if you knew the issue before a mechanic gives you a list of things wrong with your car?

With an app and an OBD2 iPhone Adapter, your iPhone is the first step toward saving money on car repairs.

These adapters connect to your car’s CPU and interpret the issue for you. A third-party app reads the adapter’s output and tells you what your car’s warning lights mean.

With that knowledge, decide if your car needs a trip to the mechanic or not.

Master These Essential iPhone Tips

With iPhone use growing every year, mastering these essential iPhone tips make your iPhone worth having with you everywhere you go.

But we know iPhones and cellphone bills are expensive. When using your iPhone for more than texts and SnapChat, look for ways you can reduce your monthly bill.

However, efficiency and functionality is not the only extracurricular use for your iPhone. Don’t forget to have some fun with it!

Use the App store to add games and puzzles. All work and no play leaves too many great iPhone uses undiscovered.



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