Why Has Mobile Gaming Taken Over Console Gaming?

Why Has Mobile Gaming Taken Over Console Gaming?

Console gaming has been around since the start of the gaming back in the 80’s, in fact back then it was the only way in which gaming could be played and paid a huge factor in creating the industry that is today worth nearly £80billion – astonishing figures for something that’s only been around for 30 years or so. However, there have been some changes in the industry with some big fish coming in and claiming a large part of the market, mainly mobile gaming and today we assess why that is.

Global games market to hit $137.9 billion this year - Newzoo |  GamesIndustry.biz

[Image credit: Newzoo]

As shown on the graph above, mobile gaming was virtually non-existent before 2012 with it taking up a minuscule fraction of the market. However, with the growth that it has shown over the last 10 years, it now takes up more than 50% of the market – seriously exponential growth over such a short period of time.  

The main reason why experts believe that mobile gaming has growth so quickly is due to the affordability of this certain sub-sector. Due to virtually everyone having a smartphone this year, they are then widely available to download apps to be able to mobile game for a small amount of money; in fact, apps are so cheap these days, so the games produced are also the same.  Consumers are also saving money with not having to buy PC and monitor and/or console and TV. 

With the main reason why mobile gaming taking off being due to the advances in technology, other industries have also benefitted from this such as online casinos, here is Harry’s Casino review, in which backs this up. They have benefitted from this due to many gamblers now using their smartphones to gamble whilst commuting, at work or even in the comfort of their own homes on their smart phones. 

The final reason in which why we think mobile gaming has become so popular is due to its ease of access and the ability that everyone has be able to play wherever and whenever they please. Compared to consoles and PC’s where you had to be at home and with the hours of time it would take to download and load up a game compared to on a mobile where you can download a game in seconds and load it up even faster. 


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