10 Effective Tips to optimize website for Mobile SEO

10 Effective Tips to optimize website for Mobile SEO

Nowadays there is no one in the society without using the mobile phone. Cell phone searches are continuously increasing. If anybody has a website and it is not optimized for mobile then they are at a vast loss.


Why users optimize for mobile?

As per the study, everyone is using mobile phones, the mobile phones are becoming a part of everything. The SEO for mobile devices, a theory of ‘mobile first’ is no sustained exclusive to technology-focused companies and consumers, it is a default location for an increasing number of web users, who are considering  tablets and smartphones necessary to their day to day lives.” The users are spending more time with mobile when compared to desktops. The mobile search engine optimization is a critical part as Google is assumed to roll out their Mobile primary index update fresh next year. Through this, the seo for mobile devices is a giant proceeding to change indexing from desktop to cell phone, so it is essential for the user to prepare their website to this update.


Diversity among Desktop and Mobile search engine optimization (SEO)

If the user wants to see the desktop website on a mobile, it can be a difficult experience for the users. Sometimes it is not responsive or mobile user-friendly. Usually, the mobile users are forced to zoom the page and read the content present on their website. Compared with desktop SEO mobile SEO id different. The SEO experts can’t use traditional desktop SEO tactics for mobile. The SEO expert should optimize a website for mobile devices. The things are, website design for the desktop will not work for the smart devices and inadequate screens, the SEO person should give the best seeing experience. This should have a simple navigation path to all pages. They have to check the content is clear for viewing, the users are capable to get what are they are trying to convey through their website.


1. Optimize Content

This is the first step to optimize a website for mobile screens. The SEO expert should make sure that whatever content they are adding on the website it should fit on mobile screens too. The website titles and headlines should be simple and easy to read. The content should split into small paragraphs and use subtitles it will get the user engagement. The content should like user-friendly, have to include bullet points, style of the format etc. The adding videos should compatible, the users will attract for the high-quality images, so better to include it and have to avoid the many images. Adding the email ids and mobile numbers are clickable.


2. Optimizing meta tags for mobile devices

The SEO person has to check whether their title tags and meta description tags are optimized for smart devices to perform in the exploration results. The Google has improved the title tag limit for mobile can attach up to 75 letters. So that the mobile users can easily get the website information on their devices. This can be done carefully for the website as well as mobile.

3. Keywords for mobile

The SEO is majorly based on the keywords, the keywords are playing a vital role in any page of SEO. It should be strong and competitive for the other sites. They should choose keywords for mobile wisely. The keywords for smart devices should be short like 2-3 words. The most of the searches for smart devices are place-based. So, they should include location-based keywords in their content.


4. Loading speed

When compared with the desktop page load time with mobile page speed time study it is slow down from 1 second to 6th. Here the bounce rate increases by 106%.  The load speed also used as a ranking signal for exit a few time. So the users majorly attract for the desktop searches. As per the recent study, Google has announced the professed speed update which has started from July 2018, the loading page speed will be one of the ranking factors for mobile searches. The Google has announced that this update will affect only a minimum percentage of pages which deliver the latest experience to its users. This should be highlighted that the purpose of the research query waits for a very powerful ranking sign. It indicates that the latest pages can rank great providing they have excellent, appropriate content.


5. Prepare for voice search

As per the recent update from the Google, there are many voice searches on mobile. It has become twice in the last year. For optimizing the website voice search queries they are using the long tail keywords. They have included questions in their website content.


6. Use Google search console

The website has the mobile version, they should add and verify it in Google search console. The website holders to monitor Google search results data from their properties. It also helps to track the site search performance with GSC, and their added webmasters resources.


7. Think Social-first, Mobile-second

Mobile users perform to require to be “satisfied,” and in many situations, they are joined 24/7 to their social media channels via apps. The content disclosed for mobile users should be “exciting.” While producing online content, study social-first, mobile-second.

The mobile sites should own social media links secured on every page, as usual, smartphone users are attached to their social channels 24/7. Performing so will increase appearance, traffic, and commitment by securing content is quickly distributed across social channels.


8. Embrace SE crawlers

Search engines agreed that the mobile-friendly stories of their web pages are simply that including not duplicitous content that could punish their brand’s search rankings. The search engines’ mobile content should crawlers are instructed to the corresponding mobile version that users are assigned to.


9. The effectiveness of structured data

Structured information is a great deal now because it supports Google agree with what is proceeding on externally becoming to rely on huge crawling and parsing all the content which appears to be an unlimited job.


10. Analytics and testing

It’s essential to remark at this spot that allowing mobile first doesn’t suggest that they should ignore the desktop site. This is received to the moment when they need to resemble the web and how they exchange an object for it holistically, considering every situation into account.

This involves a lot of testing ere their site performs live. They can use A/B testing, which indicates that they test a couple of different ideas in two various groups to assess how powerful each design is. Those can be quite similar though should practice several CTAs and organizations in the series to find out whatever features of each device users like that greatest.



Recognize the main reason customers use mobiles. Investigations show that nearly 85 % of individuals use mobile devices to time pass, or for entertainment purposes.” Improve mobile versions of their website with those aspects in memory for full commitment value.




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