3 Tricks to Running an Oil Company from Your Phone

3 Tricks to Running an Oil Company from Your Phone

With advanced technology and new mobile apps, you can even run an oil company from the comfort of your phone. Here are three tricks to get you started!

Even in this hyper connected era, nearly 50% of all small businesses have no web presence at all. While many companies are still relying on word of mouth and foot traffic in their brick and mortar locations, an increasing number of businesses can be run by phone.

Just a few simple elements are needed to run an oil company from your phone.

The capabilities of smartphones and tablets allow everything from web development, creating and editing commercials, and building your reputation. Use social media the right way and you can let the world know you exist without ever leaving your house.

If you’re looking to create an oil company that you can run just from your phone, follow these 3 tips.

1. A Clever Name

If you can come up with a name that reminds people of your company’s web address or phone number, you’ll kill two birds with one name. If your company is named “1-800-New-York-Gas,” you’ll remind people how to get ahold of you and the name of your company.

If you name your company HoustonOilPeople.com, you can get people looking up your company without having to run a search. Given that mobile browsing has surpassed desktop browsing, people will likely find you via their smartphone and want to give you a call.

Most transactions will be handled digitally, so there’s no need to even open an office. Follow the other more important things on your startup checklist.


2. A Call-To-Action

Calls to action are usually visually powerful buttons that sit at the top of a website and scream out to the viewer to click on them. You can make it the centerpiece of your front page or make it part of your menu.

Whatever you choose, you should make it persist across every page. Make the action call your office phone when it’s clicked and you’ll be able to run your entire operation from your phone.

3. A Mobile App

The best way to run your company through your phone is probably through a mobile app. If you can build an app that integrates with your accounting, payment and ordering operations, you can streamline your entire company.

Check out the wide variety of oil company and oil field apps available to get an idea of what’s possible. Take some of the best ideas from each of the available apps and build the perfect app for those ideas.

Give your customers incentives and discounts for using the app so you can cut down on paperwork and ensure engagement at the same time.

Run Your Oil Company from Your Phone

Believe it or not, you can create a robust presence for your company just via your phone. Make sure you’ve claimed all of your listings on Google, Yelp, and Yahoo! Local and you’ll be able to shape how customers see your business. Add photos and well-written content to social media and you can build a seemingly large business on a shoestring.

If you’re interested in more hacks to do business via your phone, contact us for tips.



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