Best Android Phones for Photographers with Greater Camera Quality

Best Android Phones for Photographers with Greater Camera Quality

Usually the smartphones started with the 5 mega pixels and that would be enough for a normal person who may seldom use his/her phone’s camera on occasional pictures but the photographers always looks something extra quality in their phone camera. Sometimes it is not possible to bring a camera but we all always have our phone with us. So, here we found some of the best android phones for photographers. Hope so you are going to find your favorite one camera phone from the given collection.

HTC one m8 camera

HTC One (M8)

If you are reading some of the latest phone’s reviews you may notice this HTC phone tool some criticism when appears in the market. However, it has a dual-camera with ultra-pixel technology will give you greater quality pictures. HTC One M8 allows you to take the picture at night with its stronger flash light → flashlight and give you superior image quality.

Sony Xperia Z2 camera

Sony Xperia Z2

If you love the photography Sony Xperia Z2 have several solid reasons to buy. It brings one of the highest resolution cameras of 20 megapixels which is seriously compatible for impressive shots. We know Sony already knows how to produce quality cameras with continues shooting mode “Timeshift Burst” and classy software to give you better quality picture in different light modes. You can figure out the background features by making it blur and focus on your desired object.

Oppo Find 7 camera

Oppo Find 7

It would be a new name for you, but Oppo just brings a great camera feature that will expand your picture horizons. Oppo Find 7 allows you to take pictures in raw format that gives the ability to uncompressed data files and give you option to edit your picture with the profession touch. You can set white balance, contrasts, brightness level, saturation, and contrasts to make your photos more attractive using Oppo Find 7.

Samsung Galaxy S5 camera

Samsung Galaxy S5

This phone is the best all-rounder in-camera feature and my favorite to take quality photos. It would be your favorite too as a best android phone for photographers. Samsung Galaxy S5 gives a fast and efficient focus on the desired object with the 16 megapixels camera quality. You may use the HDR mode to use its blur effects and real-time preview effects. I am sure this android phone will give you the look of a professional SLR smartphone photos.

LG G3 camera


The above featured best android camera phones would bring quality pictures but these costs high, if you are looking good one in a little bit less price LG G3 would be perfect for you that brings a user-friendly camera interface for better photographic performance to the new users. It seems easy for all with a combination of handling simplicity in pictures without avoiding quality.

The above-shared phones found best with the camera quality, but these have latest android version and awesome specs to use so these can’t be considered only for photographers; these are general phones but having extra camera quality features for photographers.


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