More Free for Now Games for iOS

More Free for Now Games for iOS

It’s time for another round up of free games here at! We love, love, LOVE some mobile gaming around here and, even more than the games themselves, we love it when they’re free! Here’s another list of games that normally have a premium price tag but, for a short time, are completely free on iOS and your iPad! So act now and act quickly!


Heroes of Kalevala (iOS, $5.99 FREE)

Heroes of Kalevala combines a unique approach of three-across matchmaking with the ever-popular village/town building mechanic. One of the better matching games I’ve seen in some time, Heroes of Kalevala uses the time-trusted system as a backbone in developing and maintaining your own village. Combine that with a great soundtrack and this mix of a puzzler and sim is sure to win you over.

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Where Do the Swans Sleep? (iOS, $1.99 FREE)

While not a game and the odd-man-out on this list, Where Do the Swans Sleep? is actually a fairytale picture book aimed at children. You travel with Felix on his quest to answer the titular question. With an assortment of narrated scenes, including original music, and a feature that makes use of the Parrallax imaging to give the scenes a true sense of depth, this app will be sure to be a favorite of your small child’s for some time.


Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast: Augmented Reality (iOS, $1.99 FREE)

Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast is probably some of the most fun I’ve had with a mobile game in some time. An Augmented Reality game, it takes advantage of your iPhone’s back camera to actively let you hunt ghosts wherever you are! Armed with your proton pack, your trap, and a custom character, this currently free app will have you laughing for hours. But watch out for Stay Puft!

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har-mo-ny (iOS, FREE)

Puzzlers are some of my favorites for a reason and that reason is replay. The ability to come back to a puzzler is what makes most everyone love them. This game, oddly spaced and titled har-mo-ny, is beautiful and complex, but easy to play. Rearranging the blocks in accordance to the colors that cause them to harmonize together. Complex color arrangements and a myriad of different boards to choose from, each more challenging than the previous, har-mo-ny is a beautiful game that you will enjoy for hours.

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Galaxy Run (iOS, $0.99 FREE)

If you are like me and countless other members of my gaming generation, you cut your teeth on platformers and they still hold a special place in your heart. More and more games are going back to those roots and Galaxy Run is one of them. An autorunner with a one-touch interface, your goal is to get Rez back home after his spaceship has crashed. With over 350 levels, an incredibly easy interface with the one-touch control scheme, and nearly 20 unique gameplay modes that include grappling hooks and anti-gravity, Gravity Run is hard to beat for a free price tag, and not so bad even with the usual $0.99 tacked on as well.



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