How Mobile Devices Have Impacted The Popularity Of eSports

How Mobile Devices Have Impacted The Popularity Of eSports

There is a trend happening in the world today revolving around what is called eSports. Unlike traditional sports, everything is played in a digital environment. Also referred to as electronic sports, there are literally thousands of people across the world that participate together. These games are exceptional, allowing people to build up their characters, and work with teammates, in order to defeat teams on the other side. Some of the more popular ones have events where people will actually fly in from all over the world. It is a place that people gather, just like regular sports, yet they are there to witness the expertise and dexterity of the top eSports players in the world. Mobile devices have had a huge impact on the popularity of these games. Let’s discuss why that is, and how mobile phones and tablets will continue to make this one of the most popular social events ever.

What You Should Know About eSports

The advent of eSports began when people that enjoy video games decided to create something new. It wasn’t enough to simply play against the computer or the person sitting next to you. They wanted to have a much more realistic experience, and part of that came from the incredible advancements in computer technology that create very lifelike characters and environments. The speed of computers also contributed, making the surreal worlds that are often created by these companies to literally come to life. However, there was also a monetary reason for doing this. Companies that own these games are often billion-dollar corporations. They have generated massive amounts of revenue off of people that simply enjoy playing games.

Some Of The More Popular eSports Games

If you have ever played one of these games before, you are probably aware of many of the others that are also available. Some of the top games include League of Legends, Call of Duty, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. These games can be played in magical realms where wizards and warriors battle. Others are in a military setting, commissioning players to fulfill their mission and defeat the enemy. Other games include Dota 2, Hearthstone, and many others. The ones that have the largest tournaments include Dota 2 and CSGO. These games are popular, not just because they are well designed, but because of the way they are marketed. The marketing factor is directly linked to the mobile devices upon which many people interact in these digital worlds. The question is why it has become so effective, connecting mobile devices with eSports. It’s actually an easier answer than you would think, and it has to do with the habits that people have today.

Why Have Mobile Devices Made These Games More Popular

This began with the popularity of smartphones years ago. When games were first introduced on these devices, this started the trend of seeing virtually everyone with the smartphone looking down and ignoring everything else. People become addicted to their phones, especially the games that they are playing, and the creators of these very popular eSports games realized how addicting these games would be. They are able to make money on these games because people can buy credits related to each game in order to keep moving forward to different levels. The fact that a person can bring their games with them, wherever they go, is why the popularity of eSports has skyrocketed. They no longer have to sit in front of their console and television at home. It is because of the natural addiction that everyone has to using their phone and tablet that these electronic sports have spread so fast across the world. Additionally, companies like Facebook which have conditioned the public to connect with people around the world may also have contributed to the popularity of these very addicting games.

Will This Trend Continue?

It is likely that this trend will continue long into the future. As technology becomes more advanced, allowing programmers to create more realistic environments, it is likely to move too much greater heights. People are already incorporating virtual reality into the games they are playing. By wearing headsets, they literally can place themselves within the context of the game, making it more real than ever before. Most of these VR headsets can be connected to an iPhone, and other phones, so that the games can be played wherever you happen to be. Although these headsets are quite bulky, and somewhat nonsensical in their appearance, it’s what the viewer is able to do with them that is important. Over time, these will likely shrink in size, and people all over the world will be able to go into fantastic lands created at the digital level courtesy of new technology that keeps getting better.

Will eSports Continue Outside Of Mobile Devices?

Another question that people have is whether or not the absence of mobile devices can stymie the growth of this industry. As mentioned before, when you can play these games wherever you can take your phone, or if you can hook up a VR headset to your phone, this is what motivates people to play. However, outside of having a smartphone or tablet computer with you, you will always be able to play with your laptop or personal computer at home. Just because you are not able to access this from a mobile perspective, these games are very addicting and will continue to attract new players by the thousands, even if they do not have mobile devices to access.

In the future, it is likely that eSports will become closer to normal reality as computer processors and technology continues to get better. If you think about the technology that was available just 30 years ago on systems such as Atari, it is mind-boggling to consider what we have now. In the next 30 years, people may literally feel as if they are standing in a world as realistic as our own, interacting with people as if they are there. It is something that is likely to happen, and this forward momentum will continue to move at high speeds, especially through the use of mobile devices that are certainly perpetuating their popularity.



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