How to Buy a Good Universal Remote

How to Buy a Good Universal Remote

When it comes to upgrading one’s lifestyle and making day-to-day living easier for self and family, not many people think of replacing the numerous remotes they use every day with a single, sophisticated device that can interact with multiple A/V equipment with ease.

The universal remote is one of those inventions that may look insignificant but that have the power to make a big difference in how we spend our leisure time. Looking for lost remote controls, managing multiple remotes for all the devices you own, replacing batteries and broken remotes—all of this is a thing of the past for the millions of families using consolidation remotes for their home entertainment systems as well as other smart home devices.

This ignored but essential accessory now comes with advanced features you will not find on standard remote controls. Some of these features include backlit keypad, customizable macros, learning ability, mobile-like touchscreen, and Wi-Fi connectivity, to name a few.

Whether you’re someone who likes to enjoy the latest technology and use it to their benefit, or one who simply wants to declutter their living room, a universal remote is an investment worth making. Modern remotes are a breeze to use and can be easily programmed to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

Standard Universal Remote

If you don’t have very many devices and just need to replace your existing army of remotes with a simple and easy-to-operate consolidation remote, opt for a model that’s not too expensive and yet functional. The standard infrared (IR) remotes are good enough if all you want is to interact with your TV, DVD player, satellite box and audio system through a single remote. Higher-end models come with pre-programmed codes that allow them to be used with all sorts of equipment and brands.

Universal Remote with Advanced Features

By paying a little extra, you can get a host of great features on your universal remote control. For instance, opt for a remote with backlighting if you like to have the cinema-like feel in your living room with lights out. Wi-Fi connectivity is another important feature you’ll need if you want a remote that’ll easily interact with your smart home system.

Also, depending on the number of devices you want to operate using your new remote, choose a model that can operate multiple devices without you having to do any troubleshooting.

Universal remotes come with pre programmed buttons such as “Watch Movie,” pressing which will turn on your TV, DVD/Blu-ray player and audio system all at once, eliminating the need to use three different remotes and perform three different tasks at the end of a tiring day.

Another great feature that has remote geeks hooked is macro programming, available only in the higher-end models. Macros allow you to perform several tasks using a single button on the remote. For instance, with the press of a button you can fire up your TV, set top box and Blu-ray player and also dim the lights in the living room. You can program your remote to follow a set of commands based on what all you need done at one time.

Universal Remote with Yet More Features

If the host of features and functions discussed above are not enough, there’s more you can do with your universal remote. Get a device with USB connectivity. You can use the USB port to connect your remote with the computer and customize it even further to suit your needs. USB-enabled remotes usually come with a USB cable; check if the model you want has one.

Touchscreen remotes take the experience a few notches higher as they function much like your smartphone, making it easier to make selections and perform customizations.

Then there are radio frequency (RF) remotes, which do not need a clear line of sight to be operated. This means that, unlike an IR remote, you can use your RF remote from anywhere in the house as radio signals can easily penetrate through flooring, walls and other obstructions.


It’s time to simplify your life with a good universal remote. If you need more guidance before you buy one, take a look at the insightful universal remote reviews at

Whether you’re looking for a basic consolidation remote or a sophisticated model loaded with features, there’s a remote out there for you. Of course, the more the features and functions, the higher the price. Universal remotes cost anywhere between $25 and $400, so you can easily pick one that fits your budget.





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