Judge Dismissed Lawsuit against Google over Android Apps Limitation

Judge Dismissed Lawsuit against Google over Android Apps Limitation


Google had to face a lawsuit on their app and services on Android phones, but recently the lawsuit dismissed by the federal judge. Lawsuit claimed Google’s agreements with smartphone makers that necessary its own applications and facilities to come bundled on their gadgets put challenging apps at a difficulty and lead to higher values.

On Friday, a federal judge dismissed the lawsuit against Google Inc. where they were claimed to harm the buyers of smartphones and force them to use its Android operating system in order to make their own apps for default use.

The consumers claimed Google’s attached companies like Samsung Electronics favors Google’s Apps like YouTube and rusticity other apps like Microsoft’ Cop’s Bing. The consumers claimed the Search Engine’ smartphone prices higher and they are not compete with the other touch screen devices that use using Google Apps.

But the US District Judge Beth Labson, said the consumers who claimed the lawsuit are failed to show the higher prices the evidence and Google’s illegally forced or restrictive apps with their OS handset makers.

The judge added she could not express how many source chain ranks there were amid the smartphones makers who contracted the alleged controlling contracts, and the customers themselves.

Recall that Microsoft was once well-ordered to divide into two businesses as the outcome of an antitrust claim before finally getting a clearance throughout their plea. A dominant part of that circumstance was the marketplace spot of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

In Europe, Microsoft was mandatory to deliver a list of other web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera with all new Windows installations. We could see a similar consequence with Google, in which they are safe in the US but could come under passion from the European Union or other authorities.

Source: Reuters.com


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