Known Apps that Make Your Smartphone Vulnerable

Known Apps that Make Your Smartphone Vulnerable

Mobile applications have been constant companions of smartphone and tablet users. Unfortunately, there are dangerous apps that usually act as spies in smartphones, which are used by hackers in order to unlock sensitive data. These normally occur when data are not sufficiently protected, allowing hackers to harvest information without the users’ awareness and authorization. The following are examples of apps that can make your smartphone vulnerable as tested by information technology security service providers and mobile security experts.

DFB for iOS

Known Apps that Make Your Smartphone Vulnerable 2

The DFB app is helpful for users in keeping abreast with football matches and footballers, although experts say this app has issues when it comes to the security. The full name, username, password, address, email address, and contact number are transmitted to the app provider without encryption. Smartphone users, who are using the same password in particular, to their other accounts such as bank accounts, could be at risk. The experts claim that this app is not unique, thus recommending users to delete their accounts and de-install the application, and not to use a password similar to their other accounts. Passwords should also be changed on a regular basis, including symbols as well as both upper lower case letters. for Android

Known Apps that Make Your Smartphone Vulnerable 3

This app is the weather report and forecasting service version for mobile users. With this app, the International Mobile Equipment (IMEI) device code, including the precise location data are transmitted to an analytics and advertising network without encryption. The unencrypted transmission of IMEI code, for instance, to outside servers means that the profile of users could be accessed and generated by unauthorized third parties, allowing hackers to steal such valuable information easily. Experts now advise Android users not to use this app and to avoid location-based information services.

Weight Watchers for Android

Known Apps that Make Your Smartphone Vulnerable 4

The Weight Watchers is an app for users who are interested in fitness programs and weight loss diets. This app is a very popular provider of diet programs, but comes with issues with regards to the data protection and security. Security tests have revealed that the Android device identification is transmitted to an advertising network, transferring the location data and unencrypted searches to the provider and a map service respectively.

Crucial Advantages of Advertising ID

Advertising ID can be used with two crucial advantages. Mobile users can opt out of using advertising ID for internet-based advertisements in their device settings. The advertising ID could also be reset anytime. The device ID, on the other hand, can be achieved through a circuitous route. When the device ID is passed to an ad network, smartphone apps could violate standard developer program policies, while ignoring the right of users in using their data in the most appropriate way.

Importance of Data Protection

Data protection is very important among all users of smartphones, tablets, or any other device. Protection and security should be guaranteed when it comes to mobile devices, considering the sensitivity of data. Hence, the experts are now working hand-in-hand in order to safeguard mobile devices, creating a platform for the security of mobile information technology infrastructures.


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