WSOP Texas Hold’em app review

WSOP Texas Hold’em app review

We’re all human, which means we all need a little something to distract us from the mundanity of life every now and then. If you’re a lover of poker, and you’re desperate to find the right app to hone your Texas Hold’em game and to keep you distracted on those long bus rides, we might have found the poker app for you. And, no surprises really that it comes courtesy of those responsible for the World Series of Poker – the longest running and most prestigious poker tournament in the world. So, exactly how good is the app and what can you expect?

When it comes to playing poker via an app, we tend to think that the simpler things are kept, the better. We don’t want to be distracted from our game by too many ads, or by being unsure of how to play with complicated interfaces. The WSOP app has just the right level of glitz and glam. The game is laid out in landscape format, buttons that allow you to fold, hold and raise are easy to identify and you can see who you’re playing in the handy character bubbles. The game drums up just the right amount of hustle and bustle – which is what all players are after, the next best thing to being in a casino.

To keep you motivated and interested in play, you’ll receive free chips every four hours, which is a nice touch. As you progress, you’ll open up tables at various locations around the world, from Atlantic City to Sydney, which certainly keeps things interesting.  You can have some fun by playing a mini slot game in between hands, and if social media is your thing, you can open up new features by connecting the app to Facebook.

One of the best features of the app is that you can play both Texas Hold’em and Omaha. While I’m a sucker for hold’em, sometimes it’s nice to mix things up and if and when I decide to take my poker playing to actual competitions, I’m excited to have both disciplines well and truly under my belt. The stats provided are another valuable tool that will actually help you to analyse and improve your game. There are statistics on your winnings, finishing position and the highest stakes played. You can also access an array of tutorials when you feel in the need for a little fine tuning.

While the app is free, if you’re keen to step things up a notch and you’re over 21 and located in the US state of Nevada, you can download an upgrade that allows you to play for real money. Overall, this is a non-fussy, useful app that I know I’ll be returning to time and time again.




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