Custom Software and App Development: Outsource or Not

Custom Software and App Development: Outsource or Not

Outsourcing has been a well-established strategy used by many IT companies to accomplish business objectives. Be it is as small as a task of making an mobile app or a simple website with a login portal or be it developing intense web applications, capable of connecting millions of people across the world, the need of a custom software and app development company to deliver unique and efficient productscannot be negated.

But like every coin has two faces, similarly the choice of outsourcing also comes with both pros and cons. The pros may include, unique and efficient custom software and / or app delivered on time ensuring enriched user experiences. However, the cons when considered could be errors in the systemic to the process of outsourcing or incompetent outsourcing partner or internal factors at the company level, whose summation ultimately ends up in the prevented success of the company.

Thus, the choice has to be right and so the parameters of choosing should also be right. However, technically speaking, there are no specific ways of knowing the best solution unless a comparison of the final products created by different companies with factors such as quality, cost, and overall success is done.  But, this option is neither budget friendly nor time friendly.

But still, in order to at least minimize the risks below are 3 things which if kept in mind when choosing the custom software development company to build your new product, will ensure profitable outcomes..

  1. Quality

Alongside the design, the required functionalities, and the speed of the software, there also should be under consideration the technical ability, experience, and reputation of the company or the freelancer who is going to oversee the project.

There is a popular corporal theory according to which outsourcing development negatively affects quality and in many cases it stands true, like there are many software developers in countries such as India, China and others who are willing to work for less than $5/hr, but do not give the desired quality.  On the other hand, there are developers in countries such as US, UK etc… who, even though, charge huge amounts buy still fail to provide the desired quality of work.

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t good ones too. There are several of the very talented and resourceful developersor development companies who assure to deliver top of the line quality while also cutting down the expenses, thus benefitting the company hiring them.

  1. Costing and Budget Considerations

Costing of outsourcing the project and the budget constraints that one’s own company has, must be critically analyzed and considered before many any choice / decision.  Although quality comes first, but in order to reap profitsproper and equitable budget distribution and use must be done. Being wise with your investments always leads to greater benefits in the long run, especially when invested avenues such as marketing!

While investing in local development may escalate the cost per project, outsourcing may reduce it, thus lowering the cost significantly.

Again, although cost is a veryimportant, actually amongst the most crucial, factors to consider, it is still desirable that a product be such developed that customers, employees, or whosoever it may be, enjoy and believe in it thus guaranteeing enriched user experience.

  1. Client Handling &Communication

With outsourcing custom software development, there is often a huge barrier of communication gap that obstructs the road to success.  There are several  local custom software development companies which do not provide great communication, for example, taking 1-2 weeks to respond to a simple email or answering a few questions or maybe developing something that you did not want in the first place due to lack of communication.  Therefore, one needs to search for a company and / or an individual who is genuinely interested / passionate about your software development project.  Not only, should they prioritize the needs of the hiring company as a client, but also provide them with unique and different insights that help them to think in different ways about their products, than ever before.


Thus, the choice of the freelancer or the custom software and app development company is of the top most priority in order to enhance, expand and outreach one’s business and for that, the aforesaid points of top of the line quality, affordable costs, and excellent communication and client handling, should be kept in mind, positively, when making a decision regarding the same.



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