What are the Differences Between iPhone 4 and iPhone 5

What are the Differences Between iPhone 4 and iPhone 5

We discuss here about the differences Between iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 in various aspects.


The size difference between the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 doesn’t seem too significant, but you can really tell the difference when you’re holding the two in your hands. The iPhone 4 and 4S have the exact same width and height dimensions, but there is a slight discrepancy in weight. The iPhone 5, however, is a bit longer and thinner than the previous versions. It is also significantly lighter; the 4 weighs 137kg while the 4S weighs 140kg, but the 5 weighs 112kg, making it feel so light in your hands that you can barely feel it This is due in part to the fact that the 4 and 4S both have glass backs, while the 5 has an aluminum back.

Screen Size

If you are looking for a bigger screen, you might prefer the 5 over the previous versions. It offers a 4-inch screen over the 3.5-inch screens in the 4 and 4S. The 5 also offers better color with a 40-percent improved color saturation, and the pixels are also much closer to the surface.


Obviously, when you compare the iPhone 4 vs iPhone 5, you will notice that the processor in the newest model is much stronger. The 4 features a single-core, 400MHz Apple A4 processor, and the 4S has a dual-core, 400MHz Apple A5 processor. With the newest iPhone model, Apple unveiled the Apple A6 processor, which features dual-core, 1.3GHz performance. Another component to the newest iPhone’s high performance is its increased RAM; when compared to the previous two versions, the iPhone 5 has almost double the RAM with 1GB when compared to the 512MB RAM found in the 4 and 4S.


Storage space can be a challenge for power users who have the last two models. The iPhone 4 features 8GB of storage space, while the 4S has 16GB. The 5 brings with it three options; you can choose between a 16, 32 or 64GB option with the newest model.

Wireless Capabilities

The 4 and 4S come equipped with 3G technology, but the 5 offers both 3G and LTE for blazing fast Internet speeds.

Battery Life

You can expect for the battery life to be about the same with any of these three iPhone models. However, you do have to think about the fact that the new iPhone 5 offers the same battery life while still offering LTE capability.


When compared to other smartphones on the market, all three of these iPhone versions offer great cameras. However, a remarkable improvement has been made throughout all three phones. The 4 offers a 4MP camera on the back and a VGA camera in the front, and the video is shot at 720p. Both the 4S and 5 have 8MP cameras on the backs and improved 1080p video; however, the iPhone 4S still features a VGA camera in the front, while the iPhone 5 features a greatly improved 1.2MP camera in the front.

Comparing these three models makes it clear that the 5 obviously comes with improved technology and is a smarter choice if you’re looking for the most powerful and feature-ridden phone, but this doesn’t mean that the 4 or 4S aren’t good options. Many providers are offering the 4 for free with a contract, making it a great deal. The 4S is a marked improvement over the 4 model but is more affordable than the iPhone 5, so it could be a good choice if you want improved technology for a price that is a bit more affordable. If you have a bit more to spend and want one of the best smartphones on the market, however, the iPhone 5 will probably be your best choice.


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